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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boring Sunday

Just a little update on a boring Sunday.
When an ordinary weekend approaches, a usual dilemma for us was to decide whether to go church or not??? When u have somethg on, the excuse of skipping church is acceptable but if otherwise, the guilt actually kills !!
I know it was 'sin' 'sin' 'sin' & 'sin'..............

I am not a convert Catholic yet but both my boys are Catholic after their dady so I'm very much devoted to the religion. But still, I'm way lack of understanding & knowledge over the religion, whats more being holy! And even my huby is not holy himself. He is so terrible, usually he will ask me : "wana go church or not?"
And if i say no, it made me a bad person & he felt better that way! Usually when the absent was too long, then only he would insist going to church & i would then usually follow suit without hesitation.

But this morning, I was damn blurdy lazy...........to get up & rush to go out. So my answer to him was "NO" & he smiled.........yeah he thinks he's not so guilty, never mind put the blame on me lol !!!
So once the sun started to burn our
ass, we finally hopped out of our bed to get ourselves ready
for foooood !! This morning we had our local favourite 'bak kut teh' in puchong, it was so long since my last savour of the dish so it tasted so superb.........satisfying indeed !!

After the meal, we 'ronda' & 'ronda' about not knowing where to head. Since my boys only said wana go 'kai-kai', we finally visited IOI mall..........yeah the damn boring mall !!!
But nevermind, so long as the boys enjoyed themselves, our mission was dealth with !!!

After all the rides, we grabbed some simple groceries & fruits from Jusco supermarket & arrived home slightly in the late afternoon. While the boys continue with their exploration, I managed to steal a short nap & rest........gosh (after eat........sleep straightaway, how?????).
Then, I started to prepare for my simple fried rice for the late lunch/tea !!!

A simple yet delicious meal !!

And today I felt complete as I managed to do my 5pm yoga class. Dinner was at hawkers, hassle free + lots of "ajinomoto" !!!

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