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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tribute to Mother

Since the web was full of wishes & greetings for "mom" in conjunction with tomorrow's Mother's Day, I felt that I shouldn't be missed out. Not only to honour my greatest/biggest hearted mom but bcoz being a mom myself i was in the picture too so of course there is story to tell..........

Between both my parents, mom is the one that needed more attention esp. when age is catching up.........guess the 'saying' might be true : that "the more aging a person is, the more he/she is behaving like a child."
On the other hand, dad is definitely more 'cincai'/easy going.
And so.....by hook or by crook, big celebration for mother's day is a must (mumy's wish!).
Obviously, among us siblings, more attention would be paid in this arrangement as compared to father's day!

Besides that, mom has dominated in the upbringing of our life as dad worked in another state since I was barely 3. We lived separately from dad & met probably only once a month until when I was about 15/16 years old when dad moved back to PJ for good.

Without a man around, mom acted in both roles in all decisions affecting our day to day affairs. On top of having her hands full with us 5 all alone, her financial contribution towards the family was significant too. So, isn't that enough to prove the importance of the feeling of honour, respect, appreciation & luv beneath the heart of all my siblings toward this wonderful lady we call 'mummy' ?????


But one of the difficult point of having so many siblings was to fix a day that suits all to meet up in an occasion like this. In particular is to accomodate my 3rd sis who is a flight stewardess. So, this time around we can't celebrate it on d actual day coz Michelle is flying away tomorrow nite & Mag is even more terrible....coz she had planned upfront on her Phuket trip & still not back so we'd settled with a japanese buffet dinner at Shogun (1U) on Sun, 27/5 instead......i promise to snap more photos to commerise this coming event.

But even before the big event arrive, it was already eating, eating & eating for the past few days. My dear huby didn't forget to join in the crowd in cheering me up as mom to his beloved twins on this day. So, last Friday he popped up in KLCC during lunch time to buy me a treat & spent our 'private' lunch.....as in without kids of course! And here's where we dined-in. Nice meal when the mind was so blossom........

I like this dish so much.

Kung Pou Spaghetti !!

Today(Sat) lunch, we had d famous Shanghai "siu loong pau" in Dragon i, 1 Utama. The place was packed & as the mind was too busy eating i guess, I totally forgot to take photo.

Then, just when we decided to cook a light meal for dinner, I received a phone call from dad asking us for dinner. He said he is giving us a treat as he has won a little $$ in his horse gambling! Mom said "no need to give him face", if we don't help him to spend that money, it will goes back to feed his horses.......he he he !!! So, off we went to Klang for seafood. Initially, I decided to capture d look of those mouth watering seafood at Port Village, Tanjung Harapan Klang but too bad they served the crab first which really puzzled us too! So, once those fingers were on to blast those shells, no more chance for more photos.......... here's the only piece but guess that's enough to tell.........marmite sri lankan crabs!

So, what we gonna do tomorrow on an honoured Sunday? Guess, huby gonna cook the 'wan tan'/dumpling soup for breakfast which was suppose to serve us dinner tonite. Then, we'll see if we have time to do some holy stuffs in church! And i think lunch must have been outside too.

You know what, as all of us will not be gathering to meet tomorrow....i guess mom must be reluctant to stay at home with only dad !! So, she had suggested to dine with my family (as in me, huby & my boys) plus my younger sis (who is still single) as there is not much choice left for her.

As a mom, definitely she would concern about our overhaul wallet & so she insist that we don't have to pay for her...... coz we gonna eat something very pricey........d famous "fatt tiu cheong/buddha jump over the wall" at Nilai !!! Since, i live so near to mom, it will be heavy for me to reject her invitation.......luckily my huby is also kind enough to agree........or maybe he's more interested in eating d abalone???? It's my first time so i'll see how they look in photos tomorrow!
So, u say la........how not burning d pocket like that??? And it's darn burdening my digestive system, ok?

Here's some sweetie stuff i received:

What....you think my huby gave me this??

It's made from toilet paper u know??? I would have curse him, but no...... it's from my lovely boys...........or rather from their teacher coz it's the teacher's hardwork! So, not too bad paying for their school fees, ya??

I'm still not use to acknowledge that Mother's Day is a day for me but every year when my boys brought back their little gifts for me, i got that important reminder! Thanks babes!!


Tracy said...

Truly "Sze Sang Ji Yiu Ma Ma Hau".

Wow! What u a treat u received from ur hubby. I din even receive a 'sok kau fa' (plastic flower) from mine ... sigh ...

So sweet of ur boys too. I received a hair pin from Des instead.

Jacss said...

Ya Tracy....only realised when one became a mama, luckily it's not too late!

Aiya...makan-makan only now, not like last time anymore ...flowers/pressie/card... all not in sight oredi!

To be able to share some girlie interest wif yr girl is such an envy for me loh !!!

zewt said...

wahhh.... so much food... yeah, your mom is right... better spend the money, otherwise, go back to the horse... heh heh :)

Jacss said...


he he ....got more food to feature in my next post.......but been too busy for that!
ya, mom alwayz rite.......!(Y)
see ya around!