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Monday, June 4, 2007

Happy family dinner

Finally on 27/5(a Sat) my whole family members managed to gather for a good eating, chatting & laughing session since we missed this chance during the recent mother's day. This time we "break" our boring routine with chinese menu, instead we had japanese buffet at Shogun 1U which has a nice but definitely 'busy' ambiance as the crowd was big on the happening Saturday!!
There were 16 of us in total including the kiddies so luckily reservation was done much earlier. With so many young toddlers around, meal time could hardly be relaxed & peaceful. Everyone was helping around & took turns to browse the buffet selections, eat & guard the kids !!

And here, there will be some brief introduction of my family members!!

The kiddies...................

L to R: Me, 3rd sis (Mic), elder sis (WL), youngest sis (MTeng) carrying Mic's Nicki boy, WL's dd ShuetYee & mom.

The ice-cream box attracted the kiddies so much so that all mummies & daddies were shaking their heads all along for failure to pursuade them to eat any other dishes. My boys had sooooo much of ice-creams....so for me, i was more worried over the cough aftermath (: ....but touch wood, thank god all seems fine !!

Scot & Sean

Scot with cousin Kit boy!

Scot, S-Yee, Nicki & poh poh!

Kung kung & Poh poh "seemed" enjoying their foods but we knew mom like her old favourite "shark fin soup" cooked the chinese method more !!!

Next was the latest addition to the family.....Nicholas (aka Nicki) the cutesy boy of my 3rd younger sis, Mic. He was about 4-5 months old & inherited his dad's trademark....i.e. unique mouse eyes.....he he he !!!

Nicki boy with Teng yi yi !!

My 4th younger sis, Mag & his soon-to-be huby....Angus !!!

Scot with uncle Angus.....some people said they looked alike....like dad&son woh......yeah both quite handsome ma hehehe !!!!

And finally the most charming family of all, yeeeee "perasan" la .........!!!

Just a little bit of review over the foods...........so much has been done over the blogsphere on this restaurant & its' offerings so I need not say more !!! Just enjoy the pictures (if they are your cup of tea, k??)

Afterall, it was the quality of the time spent together that matters !!!

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