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Saturday, June 30, 2007

""Foreign"" guests...

I better do some rectification to the word "foreign" coz it apparently doesn't sound nice as it has another meaning of "strange". So here it goes.....not somebody strange definitely, but it was the family members of the "Wong/Ong/Heng"......???? confuse????.....stories later........
It was huby's 4th aunty or FIL's sister (aunt Anne), d 'ang moh' huby (uncle Bob) & their only princess (Christine).......The O'Connor family from Darwin, Australia!

Btw, huby's family despite supposingly having the same SUR name but due to the stupidity of those govtn officer working in the registration department then, all the SUR names was registered differently. Ever wonder what's the chinese pronounciation of the SUR name Heng? Of course it never cross my mind until the faithful day i met "him"!! So there he told me it was "WONG" in Cantonese, then in Hokkien they pronounce it as "ONG" & for the Teochew they call it "HENG" "pulak", i couldn't be botherd but i just learnt to accept it...........!!! So, that's why among my FIL's siblings there were Wong, Ong, Heng within the very SAME family........ Funny heh????

If i didn't recall wrongly, it was about 7 years ago that I first met the O'Connor family. They were back to MY then for our 'big day' i.e. marriage!! How we appreciated that!

This time they are dropping by MY for a whole week of good catch up in KL & of course back in the hometown AlorSetar before continuing their journey for a holiday vacation in various parts of China & HongKong afterwhich they will be back to KL again for a transit to S'pore & Darwin.

Hearing the good news that they are visiting, i thought i better inform my boys ahead so that they don't get too strange........upon hearing uncle bob is visiting us,
Scot asked: mumy, uncle bob same as BOB THE BUILDER ahh? Aiyo....dun know how to answer.....so i just giggle, ignore, say 'no la'. Then mumy explained....uncle bob is blablabla.... very super tall & he's a 'white people'....i'm only trying to differentiate that he's not of our asian skin colour......but 'mana tau' their imagination can be so outlying !!!???
After a short pause, the boys responded: mumy, no i dun want to meet the 'white people' (with a bit of scare face)! I asked them why? Then, they said: i scared of mr.clown !!! alamak alamak........obviously they over thought.....they thought the face is colored white.......bwahahahahaha!!! Now, i know i have used the wrong word!! Then, of course i quickly rectified la.......

When they finally met......i could say that children dun see skin color as different!!! They clicked right away!!

Full of thoughtfulness, we were greeted with great gifts & souvenirs..........
Mango wain....doesn't that makes one anxious & curious to try a sip??? But we have not tried it yet......still very very curious!!

These were obviously not to bribe us........

Next are some interesting books..................

See how much the boys enjoyed exploring the colorful pictures of the pages!!

Finally, the boys also got a set of very CUTE singlet & boxer!
Maybe Aunty Anne has not met the boys & not so aware of their sizes and so the boys look so "SEXY" due to d small size i mean !!! I especially like to see my Sean wearing it coz he is more 'meaty' so it was damn luring..... u know........!!!

During the tea session at our little cosy home, huby made some mushroom cheese toast, prawn salad & red bean dessert where he actually blended the beans....it tasted much better that way......so everyone enjoyed that very much!!

After enough of exploring our little home, we had a dinner session in a nearby restaurant. Besides the special guests, there were also other "yee ma, ku cheh, luk suk or chat suk" visited i.e. aunt Maria & son Andrew, uncle andrew, aunt Janice, cousins Tricia & Nicholas also came.........And my SIL family also joined in the dinner so that made up to 2 tables to fit everyone!

Here are the "leng lui(s)" !!

Not to forget all the "leng sou(s)" also:

Then on one of the week day, as they were in KL finishing up with some visa documentation work, they dropped by Suria KLCC for a shopping & a lunch appointment with me. Huby joined & treated them to the hot & popular place in Suria KLCC, Madam Kwan. After lunch, it wouldn't be complete if one does not step his foot on our Petronas Twin Towers. To avoid all the hassle going up the towers as "visitor" (by queing for d limited ticket, adhereing to the strict visiting schedule & etc), I brought them up as corporate visitor.
Of course it was wonderful viewing KL city at a height of few thousand feet above ground level. We stopped by a while at the bridge level for phototaking session & proceeded to take a peek over what to expect on the look of those offices paying the most expensive rental in Malaysia.

We were left with wonderful memories indeed !!!

Last Friday, mumy spoilt "you two monster" again as i could not bear with your persistant persuasion to own the Transformer......thanx to all the advertiser on the TV, megazines & etc!!
I never thought of why the character was named as such until i see with my own eyes how it transforms from a gigantic stupid robot to a cool sporty car !!!


1+2mom said...

After they play, hahaha..then is your turn to start the transformer collection just like me.

Jacss said...

huh??? nope....i dun think i will collect that....coz it's damn expensive plus i dun know how to appreciate it....that's d worst part!!