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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

One more important birthday celebration..........

Yeah yeah yeah, d topic sounds very boring but it happened again! But this time it was my boys' dearest daddy...........ya my man !!
And this is the first year I bought a b'day card on behalf of the boys for their dady as now they could pretty well write their names & other words with guidance !!

Here's something to treasure for d future...............

YUCK... YUCK... YUCK.........wonder what & how would d boys re-act when they recollect these pics in d future !!!!

As for my part, i only got him this little cute stuff which could be put to good usage on his working desk..............name card/memo/hand phone holder !!!

My dear huby has been complaining about his sore & tired back so i've arranged a spa indulgence to pamper him on his big day! Being a fussy him, i'm glad but surprise that he liked & complimented the spa treatment very much.................& said he will come back to try the vast varieties of massage offered !!! yeah.........good for me, i can "tumpang" !!!
And i've left a comment to sasha to try this out one day given her recent havoc !!!
The place was indeed relax & cozy.......well worth!

After d session, we had our 'private'(as in only 2 of us) snack at the dessert house in SS2 "Kei Tak Sik"/(Remember To Eat) which definitely had good choices to offer:





Before heading back to mom's house, I bought him his favourite mousse cake from Baker's Cottage.

Getting his boys to sing him d burstday song is a must & there it goes.....hapy burstday to u..............

But the b'day man didn't even get to make his b'day wish & there goes the lighted candle being blown off by the 2 busy bodies instead !!!

And the sparkling juice just made a perfect match to the mousse cake............

Lastly, I wish you well with happiness, health, career & prosperity........that should be greedy enough but still not forgetting to 'luv' us more...........

Happy Birthday Dear with love from us all !!


Annie Q said...

Happy birthday to ur man & twins daddy!
Wow!Mummy give daddy a very good present wor..i mean spa..cake...sparkling juice..and the lovely name card holder..
Eh..which jojoba Spa is that.Time square or Hayat Saujana or which one.I'm thinking to go to spa too next week.Now u give me some idea liao..hahaha..

Jacss said...

thank u annie!! yeah yeah, such a good wife hoh...but he paid for d spa leh....?????
I went to d Times Square one. The Hyatt one has been closed down. But now they have 3 more branches, The Royal Bintang Hotel in The Curve, Palace of Golden Horse Hotel & the latest one in KL Royal Bintang Hotel. U shd go to this KL one(next to Federal Hotel) coz it's d newest one & got promo running now!! Go learn abt their membership...lagi worth! But remember to book earlier coz their occupancy very high....usually pack with tourist hotel guest

Cedric said...

I just wish to say thanks to you for not taking sides. Well, many commentators who supported her tend to fire me. I won't blame her of course, for I respect her as a reputable blogger. :) Yes, her words on me might be harsh but I don't take things in heart, it's a phase I have to go through somehow, how can I live in a world where no one hates me?

1+2mom said...

Happy Birthday to Twins boy daddy!!!
You are so kind and thoughtful wife. Next week will be my hubby turn birthday, havent think of how to celebrate (also the father's day).

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the Daddy. Love the card, so their bad genes take after their poor Mummy???

Tracy said...

Oh oh, I might be a bit late but better late than never ... Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Heng. (soli cos my modem 'konked' out since last week ... sigh ...)

Jacss said...

Cedric - see...good boy knows how to be respectful & show gratitude!! thanks????.....not at all!!

Frankly speaking, i dun see a big deal with your "other issue" besides d "ego" matter which i reckon was common among teenage/young adult! Anyway, u'd already acknowledged d mistake despite only a trivial matter.....so it's good!

Jacss said...

1+2mom : Thanks for your wish & hopefully i've given some ideas on your coming celebration....big heh!!

uncle bob : I will convey your b'day wish to Jin! Yeah, since it's his big day, d big hearted wife takes all d blame lol !!!
btw, am counting down on your arrival from Darwin!!

tracy : no problem, still welcome happy & well wishes anytime!! well, without internet must have itches your fingers a lot yeh ????

Tracy said...

Not only did my fingers itched, I was so geram. Cannot access to internet and dat means no msn, no blog hopping - like meaningless ... sigh .