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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Very Own Sarawak Laksa

Finally i've got to try our "home cooked" Sarawak Laksa which was cooked by mom using the special spices (photo here) that huby bought when he was in Sarawak recently. Well, the taste of course was not that superb as i've expected coz.....my mom was not a very creative & imaginative cook!!
With the spices, she just added chicken bone to boil the soup, then add coconut milk & other side toppings (vege, chic meat, fishball, tofu) !!! The laksa soup turned out to be very oily on the surface.......chocked the hell out of me !!! You go check out yourself...........

After scooping out the top layer of oil bit by bit, the bowl of sarawak laksa noodle looks like this............i reckon that the look was OKAY woh...........though the taste????? errrg, better not complaint so much.......after my sis "gold finger poke my back" !!!!

And now we still have another pack of the 'spices' left in our shelf which i wonder when we will do this cooking again??? My mom already said she won't try this anymore coz she found the taste a bit weird.......u know la, having consumed only curry laksa & asam laksa for her entire life, it's kinda hard to expect an easy adaptation, after all old woman ma !!! Ask her to eat raw salad lagi worst!!
But then the next time would be my huby's turn to show off his skill, we'll see how then...............

Nah, don't get turn away by the laksa.....................go please your vision with these pics........emmm yummy yummy!!!!


I seriously don't know what is this call in english. In cantonese the direct translation is "Shuet Kap Kou" which i was conned that it was the frog's saliva.........don't know how true???


Tracy said...

The Sarawak Laksa looks yummy mar. U cooked the sharksfin soup? Come, come teach me.

Dat "Shuet Kap Kou" is Hashima or Snow Jelly if I'm not wrong.

Annie Q said...

Yum! "shuet kap kou" my favourite too!I call it "snow frog" hahahaahaha
As for Sarawak Laksa...hmmmm..the looks ok, but taste ma..i dont know lo..nv try ma.

Jacss said...

what tracy???? i cook d shark fin soup??? sorry lol, i where got so terral......eat not a problem thou!

as for d shuet kap kou, now i find snow jelly very familiar....!!! and it must have been true....has got something to do with FROG!!!???

1+2mom said...

I think that shuet kap kou not frog saliva cause i heard my uncle (his is share holder to 1 of the famous shuet kap kou factory-snow deer brand) told me b4 but i forgot which part of frog only.