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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It was "The Time" of the Year........

To elaborate further the meaning beneath the above title:

Mid month of the year would be "The Time" that would be much looking forward by my parents in-law as well as the rest of the family members (including us). Huby has 5 siblings who all live apart from each other, right from d northern states down to d southern states of d country : the elder sis & elder twin sister reside in Penang, younger twin sister & "us" in KL/PJ, younger bro with parents in Alor Setar. So IF it was hard for my own 5 siblings to gather around (given that we all stays around PJ), then it would be triple harder for huby's side!!
But then, May/June are significant months as it celebrates my MIL's & FIL's birthdays which also coincide with father's cum mother's day celebration!!! So, it was kind of 4 in 1 celebration......very big indeed but it was "good" as it minimises burning to the pocket (compared to if we have to celebrate all 4 occasions separately) !!!

Usually, we would pick Penang as the destination to meet as obviously it would be the mid-spot between AS & PJ !!
And here's the ultimate outcome of the gathering..........the pictures say it ALL !!!
The HENG family !!

Sean & Scot in our hotel room............all set & ready to go for "the dinner", with their handsome suits + neatly gel hair = handsome look (blek) !!!

Next were some snap shots of the difficult part of getting the kids ready for a photography session.........whoooo !!!

Ready...........Get set..................Go..........!!!
There u go............

Seen in d pictures: Big bro Melvin, big sis Jewel, Winston, Katherine, Daphne, Karoline, Darren, Desmond, Sean & Scot!!

Finally, here are some good ones...........the kiddies with "Ah Kung" & "Ah Ma" !!
Ah Kung was extremely cheerful that nite as I could see the real smiles+laughters shining out from his face!!

My boys with their beloved Ah Kung, Ah Ma & their favourite cousin Winston boy!

Here's the 9 course chinese cuisine............bla bla bla, all same everywhere !!!

Since it was only d boring chinese menu, no need to snap so much la.......nothing to show anyway!!

And to accomodate the kids' expected behaviours, my SIL booked a room which catered for 2 tables! With the confined room, the adults would have peace of mind & couldn't be bothered with the kids running & chasing among themselves........one of their favourite which "we" adult will never brought ourselves to understand??? Why ah, why kids like to run & chase so much....it could be damn irritating !!! But the 'karaoke' session managed to steal a bit of their attention, see just how enjoyed there were with the singing session!!

My Sean doing his "DO RE MI" song............do, a dear a female dear, rain, a drop of golden sun....

Sean & girlfren.......so sweet ya !!

By 11a.m. as the kids were still actively enjoying their karaoke session, my eyes were all red & sore.......as a result of tiredness & due to the long hour contact lens endurance!! It was so hectic but I was pretty much glad that the celebration was indeed smooth & joyous, except that the conservative old man was still reluctant to allow a cake-cutting session (said "pantang" woh, duh)!! And I am looking forward to many many more celebrations of such !!


Sasha said...

Eh good idea to get one room to confine the kids. Then they can go play, roll on the floor or whatever and u guys still can eat in peace. And gosh the food *stomach growling*

Jacss said...

yeah u r exactly true, we've learnt d lesson in many occasions (no peace eating as kids running away, adults' mind lost & eyes kept busy & etc etc).... so now, whenever the kids group is big, we won't settle in if there's no private room, hehehehe !!!!