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Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Wet Market - Puteri Mart

THE STAR quoted:

PUCHONG’S first private wet market complex is now open at Puteri Mart in the Bandar Puteri township. The spacious, clean, and airy complex comprises a wet market section, shop lots, a food court, and a mini market selling sundry goods, herbs, and dry seafood.

It was FRESH from the owen. The newly open FIRST wet market in Puchong that operates from 7am to 10:30pm. After passing by this place for the past 1 to 2 weeks since it first operated, we had finally paid it a visit.

Tonight we decided to dine our dinner at the food court. It was really an overwhelming sight to see the food court crowded despite not many people at the wet stalls. Obviously, the wet stalls were not really having good business.....so i hope time would do you better!

Here's what the food court has been name : NICE TO EAT .......what a name huh!!!

What I'm impressed was, it may only be a few weeks old but the varieties choice of foods were so tremendous, ranging from Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Portugese & etc etc!!!
It was really worth a visit.......
And i was so crazy when i saw my favourite there........u know the "chue tou thong"(pepper pig organ soup)......yummilicious !!!!

Just one short sentence "we will definitely drop by more................coz it's less than 5 min from our home" !!!!

come come KL/PJ "lang" come.... puchong faster.......it's booming !!!!


Etcetera~Mommy said...

V drove pass the area last week... a colleague of mine stays near there too - Bdr Puteri. That area getting more developed with all these amenities.

Btw, thks for dropping by my blog :D

Annie Q said...

we can go there and visit u at the same time lo since ur house only 5 mins away from the wet market.;)

Jacss said...

etc mumy, thanks for dropping a comment too.......

sure annie, our twins can then test out their fighting skills.... sure big ko ko will win wan, heheheheh !!!