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Thursday, June 7, 2007

More memories of Penang - Part 2

As planned before d trip, i wanted to whack all Penang's famous...........and i in fact almost did so....had twice char kueh teow, twice asam laksa, once white curry laksa, once prawn+loh mee & lots of lobak.......... in a short 1 to 2 days time.......i think it was too much for d stomach to bear until for d first time, i felt so "jelak" towards d end of d vacation & i bet if i were to continue further with such indulgence, i will surely puke.........!!!!
But i must say d asam laksa was so superb........as now after almost a week, i started to miss it oredi...........

Actually Penang is definitely not a strange place, been there many many times & my first time was as far back as 20 years ago when i was still in my primary school... probably! So this time we didn't really plan to visit anything historical or cultural. But to support the current on-going major development of the popular landmark Kek Lok Si temple, we decided to stop by & check out what do they have to offer. And there were surely a few attractive scenics that were worth the captures:

Kudos to whoever contributed in upgrading the place. As I could see there were still significant works to be done to call it a completion, i will surely come back to check out the ultimate outcome of the work probably in a year time or so !!

In less than half an hour, we'd done with our shootings & left the place to meet with the rest of in-law members in SIL house. And guess what we bumped into..........................................................
A huge group of moossssss passing by right in front of SIL's house !! We just arrived & got down from our car in front of SIL house when these bunch of moos pass by. I've not in my life encountered so close with such a big group of farm animals, where to find that in KL/PJ??? .....so it really got me chilled a little & needless to say, the boys were so frightened !!! That's how "jakun" the city people (KL/PJ in particular) used to be !!!

When the Heng family got together, eating was one of on-going thing to do. While they chit-chatting along the way..........there goes they walloped d durian (yes, season now in penang), munch d super sweet mango (planted & plucked from in-law's backyard in Alor Setar), dragon fruit, chips, drinks & etc etc. I did not missed out too as both durian & manggo are my favourites.....so how?? Some more, being still unable to catch "their" dialect i.e. teo chew (after 6 years migrated to d family), I couldn't get myself much into any of their conversation.........so might as well just eat & shut up loh !!!

Finally, after done up with the socializing work at SIL's house, we headed to check into another hotel i.e. The Gurney Residency Hotel. "Great hotel, value for money & worth a come back." Hey i'm not paid for promoting........ok?

As it was an evening with extremely good weather, we dumped aside all luggages, got ourselves changed into swimsuits & off we went for a dip into d interesting pool. Do check out some nice pics of their recreation park as it had successfully fake our stay to resemble a vacation "elsewhere" !!

Finally on our departure moment, Scot acted out a "drama" again !!! Yeah, he was one lil fella who can be darn emotion when it comes to separation & departure! He got all d signal that we were about to leave. While Sean hugged & kissed the rest of his cousins, ah kung & ah ma....Scot refused to do so as he knew that it meant a separation kiss!! He reluctantly gave-in to his ah kung's hug & kiss but soon after that he cried, he whinned & grumbled a lot in d car.
Then as we headed towards Penang bridge, ah kung (who's heading to ASetar) called & asked us to meet & catch the ferry across the island together. Scot was immediately cheered up & he spent those few minutes of ferry ride with his ah kung all d way!! After that final moment, Scot has finally calmed down & did not cry further. Both of them were so tired & they dozed off in d car for at least 2 hours.

It was raining cats & dogs on our way back to KL & we had to endure an unnecessary longer journey due to the wet & slippery roads...........so sucks !!! I had to "hold" mother nature's call all d way as most of the rest areas were congested until we reached Rawang bridge stop over. By that time, my bladder was almost close to burst.........now I really felt d torture of not being able to answer that "nature's call" !!!

Till we step our foot in Penang again, bye-bye!!


Annie Q said...

didnt know Gurney Hotel do have such an "interesting pool". I know the hotel room is quite big and the room rate is reasonable too.

Tracy said...

Ur trip seemed to be an enjoyable and worthwhile one. The last time I went was 3 years ago and I can still remember once I reached KL, I immediately went to the food stalls to get a taste of those Penang food which tasted better *blek*(maybe we went to the wrong stalls in Penang). And not forgetting the 'jams' too *double blek*.

Jacss said...

annie: yeah, it made your hotel stay filled with more excitement in particular for those bringing kids along........and i must say d hotel rate was well-worth (considering they included b/fast for 2adults+2kids)!!

tracy: u r indeeed right, one must goes to d right stall to savour a good one......and not forgetting my hubby got so many "guides" in penang (SIL, BIL, ex-school mates, biz mates & etc etc) so we won't go to d wrong ones, triple blek (^_^) !!!