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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Updates on little penang journey - Part 1

Me & the boys arrived at LCC airport quite early to avoid any unforeseen circumstances (with kids u never know).......so I had my sweet time doing check-in, luckily the queue wasn't that long. And due to full curiousity, the boys were cooperative enough..........see below pics !!!

But the cooperation didn't last long.........soon after they warm up, they started to act up! That was when I was in the queue to buy chicken rice for their lunch......the 2 monkeys could not stand still & there they started hopping & skipping surrounding me & the queue.....which kept my eyes & mind busy!! Occasionally, i would have to yell & shout a bit to keep them in control.....After feeding them the whole plate of rice, i've already got myself sweating all over...thank god there's no familiar faces as bumping into one at that time was the last thing i wish to happen!!! It was indeed hectic managing the boys all by myself !!

Luckily the journey on board the plane was real short....i think it was only a mere 30 minutes but the journey to the airport & the waiting time that was long & torture !! See the busy body below exploring their seating in the plane!!

Once touched down in Penang, we headed to check into Berjaya Hotel in Georgetown. Despite offering a spacious suite, i still reckon that the hotel was seriously in dire need of an upgrade/refurbishment as it was in a very old condition.

Past experiences had taught my boys to enjoy hotel stay so much........new environment to cure their thrist of curiousity, can go 'kai kai' with dady & mumy, no school & homework & much more excitements!! So there were too excited for an afternoon nap. While me & huby rested, the boys had a full exploration over the hotel suite until we got them to change for a dinner.
That night, we had our favourite Penang seafood at this place which was located by the seaside:

And the foods were so yummilicious.........until my boys sucked fingers & licked bones/shells !!

Cod fish was so superb when it was stir fried with soya sauce.

One of the best way of cooking crab was with salty egg yolk............boy boy, cholesterol filler !!

Spring chicken or birdie........i also forgot !!

By the time we finished our dinner on that Friday nite, it was almost 9++ so we decided to head back to hotel as without an afternoon nap earlier, it was almost time for the boys to doze off. True enough, once they were cleaned & changed into pyjamas, in less than 15 mins on the bed, they were already fast asleep!! Then, me & huby had some good chat & rest before we joined them in dreamland !!!


Annie Q said...

look at the two handsome boys..so happy!Glad u all have a fun time in Penang.

Annie Q said...

the crab looks yummy yummy...drooling...