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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cruel Lesson

Yesterday morning being a Monday Blue, my 2 naughty boys were extremely naughty! We were already late in the morning but they still did not cooperate!! Refusing to get into the car, one of them (i also forgot which one) whinned & whinned, asking to get back to the house & the other fella joined his brother to boicott going to school!! Despite many times dady persuaded & the fact that dady oredi raised his voice, they still don't get the alarm. We got so annoyed & dady said close the door.......mumy & "kakak" obliged! Then, dady slowly moved his car out of the car porch.........the boys didn't react, then no choice dady said give them a lesson. Off dady pressed the button of the auto gate remote & the gate slowly closed up.
I looked at the 2 naughty & see if they will run out to the gate to stop us BUT 'NO', they just watched blankly & maybe with disbelief !!!

So, off the car went..........................but of course dady only intended to make a round to the next street within our housing garden which would take about a minute or two to get back to our own house!!! We were anxious........very anxious how would they react this time????

Our maid said......"aiyoh mam mesti nangis ni!!" True enough, the moment our car approaches our front gate, I already saw the 2 naughty standing in front of the gate......................................& the nearer we were, the clearer we heard their cries...............!!!

Both of them cried & yelled : dady, dady, dady, dady...............dun know if dady's heart break or not but my heart was definitely painful !!! Immediately i ran out of the car, Sean ran straight to open the car door & Scot ran straight to mumy!!

No doubt it was indeed a very symphaty sight (seeing them screaming as if for "help" to release them from a 'lokap') but we all still managed a good laughs & giggles!!! Upon seeing us laughing, Sean immediately stop his cries & looked down feeling shy & know he has been tricked by dady but poor Scot continued crying & was really scared the hell off. He hugged me & sat on my lap d whole journey!!!

It was cruel, dady & mumy was bad but hope you boys learnt the lesson though..........the hard way!! We said sorry to them anyway !!!

Guess the monday blues...........was the result of the happiness & craziness they encountered the night before when WE feasted another father's day dinner!!
Scot the ultraman!

A feature of my sis with her cutie boy, nicholas!!
This was really super excellent!!
And the thousand island prawn was good too!


1+2mom said...

wah..you dare to do that, i salute you. I cant do so cause my MIL sure annoying one so cannot do that like you but it was a very good lesson and i'm sure they learn form it and remember wont do it again.

Jacss said...

u r exactly right sylvia, after my mom heard my story, my mom also scolded me :p !!!
but we know that our hse was a gated 'taman' so it's not too scary la !!!

Sasha said...

oh boy. what a lesson but you gotto do this to scare them otherwise they won't listen in the future.

Annie Q said...

If i will u i do the same thing too..hahahahaa..
Like now, if i pick them up from school, they also deli dali..play with the slide..the swing..i have to pretend sit inside the car and close the door.Only they will come to me..*faint*

Jacss said...

But annie, that goes to show that your kids love d nursery!! So u shd be happy, if they cry & run to u upon seeing u after school, u will be heartbroken....so faint nevermind la, hehehe!!

Yeah sasha, what to do, kids only wants the hard way, hoh!!

Tracy said...

Aiyo 'bad bad daddy and mummy'. So, they learnt their lesson and dare not try their trick again? Luckily my girl doesn't show any fuss going to school *keeping my fingers crossed*

I tried dat on Des in the departmental store once. She was so stubborn to allow me to hold her hand and I just left her and walked away. I hid myself and when she couldn't find me, she 'yelled her lungs out for mommy' and I was so embarrased with the onlookers staring at me.