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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Singapore trip - Part 2 The Bayview Hotel

On our check-in encountering at the hotel, I just couldn't hold back but to continue bi*ching about the hotel receptionist.......I don't give it a damn to even bother to look at her face so the only description about her that I could describe is that...... she's a chinese lady..........definitely not young, maybe in her late 30s to 40s, she said she only walked to work, therefore she has zero clues about the direction surrounding the hotel.
Further to the already bad response that d bi*ch had showed during her tele-conversation with huby, we had another blow with her 'sucking' facial expression!
It was only a simple request from us that we needed either a king size or 2 queen size beds (given that we have 2 kids with us) but that bi*tch showed the most irritating black face i've ever seen with the reply that it's subject to availability!

I have to stress that it was entirely the attitude she carried, that we attacked here and I don't blame her for the look that mother nature has created for her........as it is clear & bright to me that she does not have a choice over how she looks anyway. But I do believe that irrespective of how bad a person looks physically, he/she definitely has a choice in carrying himself/herself in a way that would be liken by others. And this is particularly so when she was serving at the front office of the hotel i.e. hospitality service. I think unless & until she goes for a plastic surgery, she would not deserves a chance to serve in the front office!

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