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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sucker for freebies & discounts

This post was inspired by my most favourite blogger 5xmom. I had been her silent reader for quite sometime. I definitely admire her in a lot of ways.
Just like her, I had the similar encounter with Parkson's bonuslink member's day where for every RM120 spent in cosmetic, one would get RM20 voucher to redeem any products in Parkson. On top of that, you will also get 5x more bonuslink points. That was really worth & attractive if one was really in need of the product at that time. And it happened exactly to me.
i) My other sis had 'ordered' me to buy an eye cream for mom which would be shared among us siblings (thank god we have 5 here);
ii) My sunblock is about to finish too;
iii) My make-up remover is also about to finish;
iv) It's about time to stock up my face cleanser too as I couldn't live a day without having a face cleanser wash my face.

There it goes........i had so many valid reasons to grab the rewards of the sale. For the value I had purchased, I have gotten myself the entire full range of freebies that EsteeL offered.....skin cares, blusher, eye shadow kit, pouch & tote bag! Damn happy man..........

To top to the above, I also got RM180 shopping voucher which I had used:
- to buy 3 swimming goggles (2 for my boys & 1 for myself) abt RM70+;
- to buy 2 floating boards for d boys abt RM40;
- to exchange for a facial at Estee counter;
- to buy (partially) a tube bra.

So, yes I do agree that I am such a shopping sucker........& luckily my other half is not....else who would do the savings???

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