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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Singapore trip - Part 3 (Day 1)

We were left with only the night to spend on the day of our arrival. Dady had about an hour of rest with me unpacking our luggages. After the boys had their shower, we headed to Ngee Ann City shopping mall taking the MRT which was located about 5 min walk from our hotel. The evening walk was rather calming as the sun was settling in. And the boys definitely enjoyed their MRT ride which was pack as it was peak hour. What woke us up was the speed of their escalator in the station as compared to our turtle escalator here. And that reminds how laidback we M'sian used to live...............
It was just another usual shopping that we used to do back here during the weekend. But we just got to remind the brain to do the conversion over the currency when the temptation arose to pick something..........! Despite having a clear mind that we are using 2 times the money we earned to spend in S'pore, there were still stuffs that overcome over desire to purchase. Whatever the fact is, we reckon that some of the stuffs were priced very much cheaper there as compared to our home country........reason could obviously be due to the lesser demand here. A classic eg. that I had encountered was the children brand, Tomy products. Over here the whole range of Tomy products are extremely expensive but in S'pore the price was only about half even after conversion. So we were tempted to get few pieces after much persuasion by the boys.....look out for them in picture below & see if u could trace any! Coincidently, there was a sale for Avent bottles too. And I have to stress again that the price was again hard to resist.......so there it goes, set of the bottles & teats .......... yes which the boys still used ..........for their milk only.

After having done with the boys' stuffs, we headed to look for food to feed the stomach. We were not particular in getting any specialities as it's obvious over here we had almost all we could find in S'pore. So we ended up squeezing ourselves to one of the pack food court. Could you imagine that I had this for dinner.......... soooooooooo light n plain for my stomach yeah !!!

Sean had his all time favourite 'wan tan mee' & Scot had his chicken rice. Below was what my dear huby had.......forgot what it was named but guess it must be somethg like his fav 'lor mee'.

After the meal, we continued our shopping spree........to get what we had earlier plan ahead of. Both huby & I had our 'piece' of LV that we have been aiming. We had checked the price in our KL store & had even called the S'pore branch to compare the price. And needless to say, as I mentioned due the demand factor, S'pore offered a very very much cheaper price. Pictures of our collections here.............

After done with shopping, we had our walk on the colourful & bright Orchard Road. As the boys were excited with the happening streets, we walked all the way back to our hotel that took approx.ly half an hour without noticing our sweats. Along the way, some nice spots were pictured.

That fruitful night lead us to a deep & sound sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!

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