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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Singapore trip - Part 1

Despite not the first lesson, we still made the same mistake. As the neighbouring country was just too familiar to my dear huby (as he used to travel there in his previous employment), there was no proper plan made ahead on the itenerary of the trip. He took it too lightly that we only woke up about 8 in d morning of Fri(16/3) & by d time everyone was settle to leave the house, it was already 9+. And as per his advice, we took our sweet time with our breakfast before actually departing to the highway around 10+. Being the innocent & naif me, I expected the journey to take approx.ly 3 hrs ++ & think that we should be able to reach S'pore in time for lunch but puihh......what a wrong thought! We could have forgotten that we had 2 hyperactive toddlers in d car which kept posing their 'power ranger' actions to seek our attentions & torture our minds & patience! On & off, their noises will have to be counter attacked by our shouts & yells or else our minds would not be ease & peace.... & hey..... it is no kidding........surveys showed that kids' disturbance in the car contributed to accident & death! So to top up to the shouts that were ignored at times, the cane was used to control them. And when that does not do the job, we would have to head on to the next rest area to ease the boredom of confining in the car........which tooks us longer time with the journey!

Finally, our lunch stop over was at JB as the clock almost strike 2pm. It was unlikely that the stomachs could wait until we reach S'pore. We just hopped into one of the kopitiam & had their famous "kuey teow kia"......it's kuey teow noodle in......somethg like our KL bak kut teh soup with those pig organs.....somethg that i'm not fancy about unlike my fatty huby!

By the time we reached the Custom & Imigration Dept, we were held back a while for doing some application for bringing in our first timer car into the country. Luckily the clearance part was done up quite fast.

Frankly speaking I was damn freak out with traveling long journey in the car coz the big butt was throwing tantrum due to the untolerable pain in the ass!
So as we crossed the bridge towards Woodland, I couldn't wait to arrive the hotel that we're suppose to check-in i.e. The Bayview Hotel.

But but but........damn it........wanted so much to screw him but was held back due to the already tense situation of being lost in no where.......... Yes we were lost, it was about 3-4 pm & we have been driving & wondering about in the highways for almost an hour but we still don't get any heads up on the right track to our hotel. We called the hotel receptionist for direction.......apparently only "1" guy has given us some clues but huby still couldn't find the way with those clues. So, minutes later, huby called again but the idiot receptionist informed that the earlier guy that we spoke to has gone somewhere & there was NO ONE else in the hotel that could help us. All the f**k'g lady said was "sorry we can't help u". What a dissapointed response. In the end, we came to realise that we'd approached the wrong person. Huby finally called up his hometown friend, Sunny who was a PR there who managed to lead us closer to where we're suppose to be.
Finally, we found the hotel at close to 5pm. Can you imagine departing KL at 10am & reaching S'pore at 5pm????

What I'm mad at was that:
- he knows that he need to play around with time in finding the hotel;
- he knows that he has young kids in the car which means no tolerance with punctual lunch, more stop overs & etc which all means consuming more time;
- he knows that there was time wasted at custom/imigration office for driving his new mercedes benz to the country for the 1st time; AND YET he still suggested the late departure.

It caused us whole lots of fatigue with the supposingly avoidable long journey. The entire day was gone due to the unproper planning & unintelligent moves!!

But I was considered good at holding back d temper as I do believe after all, my dear huby was the most exhausted one among us! So I was just advising him with my usual tone of voice & the fact that he kept quiet & did not argue with me goes to show that he ageed with 'the mistakes' !!

to be continued............

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