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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mag's House Warming cum Pot Luck

Mag is my no. 4th younger sis. Today she threw a trial house warming......why trial ???? coz it's only meant for our own family..........among the sisters, bro-in-laws, nieces, nephews & of course kungkung & pohpoh! Some more, it's actually on pot luck style so maybe i shouldn't even call it house warming???
But as we arrived, we noticed some other guests around. Angus's mom, 2nd bro & d girlfriend joined too!
Mag & Angus had just moved to their new condo (Suria Damansara) in 1st week of Mar-2007. I guess once they are more settle down, there will be a real house warming..........i dun know, or maybe they will just do one during their coming wedding.
Yeah, Mag will be getting marry this coming 4-Nov-2007. It will be an occasion every member of the family will look forward to!
My menu for d day was fried rice. But I was being too nice & offered to add 2 more dishes, one was mini mince pork chop & a nyonya dessert called "seri muka"/glutinous rice & coconut custard slice.
This wasn't a frequent practice so I've no idea how people would re-act to my cookings.
But hey, not bad at all, the rice was edible........though not finished up all but the other 2 were completely whacked up!

My fried rice...........

Mini pork chop & custard rice cake..................

Before the meal, we brought the kids to a quick dip into the swimming pool. As I was busying+worrying to keep my mind & eyes on my boys, i had forgotten to snap those wonderful moments!
But I wanted to remind myself here on the pool lesson! As I went to the changing room to change myself, I had just briefly called out our maid to have an eye over the boys at the pool. I had been easy with my instruction as I thought their dady was there in d pool too! But as I came out & walked towards the pool, I saw my Sean's head sank to the surface of water. He was struggling to lift his head up but he couldn't. I shouted & dady was just right beside him unnoticed. Huby quickly pull him up & he began crying. I suspect it only happened for seconds as neither did Sean choke nor did he shows any difficulty breathing. In fact, he only looked frightened for a short while as not long after, he started to be his usual active & naughty self in the pool with his cousins. Apparently he forgot about the episode but this time around, it serves as a big slap on myself BECAUSE this was the 2nd time the same thing happened to my lil big boy! I promise to be beside them at all times in the pool until they learn to swim as good as their mumy!

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