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Thursday, March 15, 2007

1st Week of Blogging

The week of 12-16 Mar'07 is a school holiday. That means my boys will have to stay full day in poh poh house. Unlike their usual routine, the boys will attend kindy for half day at Q-Dees & kung kung will fetch them home after school. This also mean another week of headaches for 'kakak' & poh poh as they will have to bear longer hours with the boys' mischiefs. Usually 'kakak' will have morning half day honeymoon when the boys are in kindy & poh poh in the market but with school holiday, it will be good to remind her that work may not be easy all the time at her wish.......such a bad me!

I do wonder what the boys did at home whole day facing only the 'kakak' with the poh poh usually singing her karaoke & kung kung mingling with his horse gambling in the room. So deep beneath me, I do have the feeling of guilt whenever I see parents bringing their children out for leisure during school holidays but my boys are confine at home instead. But what choice have I got as it is still working day for a working mom like me. Do I really need to sacrifice my leave whenever school holiday starts? I think the answer is it would not be a wise decision as it should have been saved for rainy days instead. So I guess, bearing with guilt is part & parcel of parenthood or motherhood.

On the otherhand, it was a coincidence that there will be an upcoming leisure cum business trip to Singapore this coming Friday for a 2 nite stay at City Bayview Hotel. The trip has long been planned by huby but little does he knows that it actually coincides with school holiday. So this has partly reduce the guilt in me.......at least my boys got to go on a vacation with mummy & daddy during school holidays!

The week prior to the start of the school holiday, the boys had fallen sick & has been absent from school for at least 3 days. And now the boys had lots of homework to catch up but the thing is, mumy will only be able to attend to their homework at night after settling down from work. I usually don't allow the maid to do homework with them as whenever the boys try to be funny & play up with their workbooks, the kakak can't take control over them........& the books would end up with scribbles everywhere! So, i'm hoping that for the next 2 days, I will be able to get them to finish up their homework before going off for the holidays.

At the sametime, my dear huby has gone to Bangkok yesterday(Tues) with his business partners & he will only be back on Thurs. Meanwhile, whenever huby was not around, we will be staying overnight at poh poh house which simply means:
i) no early wake-up at 6:30am = no traffic hassle at the stupid sunway toll;
ii) longer sleep = more fresh face in the morning;
iii) no morning rush = less sweat = more tidy outlook to work;
iv) drive myself to work = more flexible time = after work can 'lepak' anywhere eg. facial, shop'g & spa

But despite the many pros when huby is not around, I still prefer him to be by my side all the time (if possible) coz i'm just a too reliable person.
I prefer him to drive instead, I prefer him to decide what to breakfast in the morning, I prefer him guard us around the house at night, I prefer to hear him despite his loud noise irritates the ears sometimes, I prefer him to shut the door before everyone goes to sleep, I prefer him to switch on the house alarm at nite & etc etc. I just miss his presence. But I must psycho & brain-wash myself and I shouldn't be so selfish. As huby is doing is own business, less travelling for him would mean less business and this is the last thing I wish to happen. So that's why i'm ranting all out in the most suitable place here.........my blog!

Finally, am looking forward to the S'pore trip as the last time I was there was more than 6 years ago! And I shall lock all my upcoming vacation encounterings here for future treasures...........

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