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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Singapore - Final

After checking out from the hotel, we basically spent about an hour or two with 'city sight seeing'...........among some of the signatures spot of the country are:

Yeh.....i must say we managed to snap some good shots despite many obstacles trying to get the boys to pose under the hot sun!
The watch strike almost 2pm & we know we had to move on as we have lunch appointmt at Kulai, JB with one of mumy's buddy.........an old college mate! And there we were late again for lunch. Along the journey to Kulai, the boys whined so much as the 'hungry bugs' bite so their dear dady was speeding! The goooood dady will do just anything even if it means running up the mount Kinabalu when his boys are suffering from hunger!
We reached Kulai quite fast. My dear fren brought us to a very famous "siu lap" restaurant where we had the Msian all time favourite duck, roast pork & char siu rice! And boy.........everyone was just amased looking at how focus & concentrate the boys, wallopping the whole plate of the rice each........all by themselves! The bad thing about the boys when they are not hungry, was they will need to be fed by kakak or else nothing will goes into the stomach! After the stomachs were full & definitely satisfied, we proceeded to visit Fah's new place. It was her brother's bungalow where she lives with her parents & some nieces & nephews. A real big bungalow.........something we could hardly see in KL!! $$$$$$$$$..........?????????

Me had a good time exploring the big house & busy snapping every corner of the house compound. With time constraint, we only managed to have a brief chat....... things had just started to warm up..........i miss that so much..........& there we needed to move on as it would take another 3++ hours to reach KL. So, we bid goodbye to Fah !!

But no worries...........we can & will be back anytime........it's not that far after all.

That's the end of the trip!

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