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Monday, January 14, 2008

Would You Love Them ??

We went to this place a week or two before and snapped some photos that were worth keeping a record. Unfortunately, I've been keeping them & my mind only agreed to work(post them) now.....and due to the delay, i have forgotten what made up the reason on our trip all the way from puchong to kepong. Anyway, what I'm pretty sure was we had prawn mee there which was one sitting at the top priority of my favourite noodles. Besides prawn mee....... asam laksa, curry laksa, sarawak laksa, laksam johor and nasi lemak are all my beloved food...............tsk tsk tsk tsk, how sinful i am to my health heh?
I had a very weird story behind prawn mee & asam laksa which was at the courtesy of my dear mom. Since young, i had already love eating these noodles & EACH time.....AFTER i finished eating them, my mom would started to tell how "poisonous" were these noodles to our health & our skin !!
She would nagged & reminded me that the prawn mee soup was boiled using the prawn shells & most of the time, these shells were rotten & stink. Then for asam laksa, the fish bones that were used to boil the soup were harmful to the skin......eat too much, will grow rashes, pimples, acne's & etc etc. My mom even blamed it on these dishes which could result in certain cancerous illness
As a result after each consumption, i would developed a very guilty feeling ....then my whole body/skin would started to feel itch.....not a real feeling but rather "imagination" only......arghh, can u imagine how terrible it is..........
Because of that, i do not simply go with the flow of my mind when attempting to eat these noodles.....i would definitely give it a second thought..........like... i would ask myself when was the last time i had it & so on........hahaha, how effective those nonsense tales from mom can be huh??
Having said all, i still 'love' eating them so so much, sei mou?

Come....lets take a look at the place, the external decor was simply eye-catchy, no?

This was the 'poisonous' prawn mee that i had gobbled without much thought over....yum yum!

I can't be feeding my boys these spicy prawn mee so we ordered "LAM MEE" for them with
CRABs (at their request)

Finally, here is the interior decor.........

so so so colourful........refreshing!!
everything in orange & yellow!

There was even a mini zoo up there...
See upstairs.......nice also hor!

Finally, once we left the restaurant, we discovered the outdoor seating..........oh my god, look at how romantic it was with the PURPLE colour curtain, hahaha
it was sure a good hang out place for young couple hor?

U like it also?


miche said...

i like the prawn me!!! looks so much better than the penang ones.

Annie Q said...

didn't tell us where is the place ger? Lucky me is not the big fan of prawn mee, but the place look nice! Epecially the outdoor seating..so lomantic.

Rjoc said...

Looks a nice place, you will have to recommend it to your Aunty so she can compare it to the Penang one which her brothers considers is tops.

slavemom said...

When it comes to good yummilicious food, my philosophy is eat 1st, worry later. hahaha Btw, the prawn mee looked like seafood noodles leh. Got so many diff kinds of seafood.

Giddy Tiger said...

Looks delicious! How can it be *poisonous*?

Sasha said...

Aiyoh...no la...purposely say so u wont eat her portion also...Aiyoh look so so yummy and tempting!

eh yr boys lam mee with crab.....wah.. hochak man!

huisia said...

wow, that's so grand!
which part of puchong you're staying?

my hse is in bandar kinrara 3

Anggie's journel said...

the prawn me make me lou hou sui .. the first thing i wanna eat when i back from Syria was prawn me ... but the prawn me u show here .. was really make me hungry la... aiyooo

JO-N said...

wah, all the spicy stuffs! Nice to see, nice to eat but after that, I always suffer from stomach ache. The next time I see it, I will eat again.

JPPmom said...

alamak, my saliva non stop loh looking at the delicious prawn mee...yum yum yummyyy

slavemom said...

Let's join in the fun to set a world record. :)

Jacss said...

miche:i do find that they tasted better than some in penang...haha

genie: it's in kepong...but exact location a bit susah to tell..coz i'm a direction dude!!

g-tiger: usually ppl said d more poisonous it is, the more tasty it will be, no?

sasha: hahaha..maybe kut

huisia: i'm in pch hartamas...kinrara is very near also!!

anggie: go ahead lar...very nice wan!

jo-n: yeah...eat first, dun care

jppmom: sabah punya prawn mee nice ahh?

Jacss said...

uncB: eh, which aunty to recommend ah? there are real good one in penang too which i love so much...