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Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 PRE - CNY

Today is a public holiday for KLers......
in conjunction with the Federal Territory Day!!!
What a nice day to begin with.....sent the boys off to school (as Selangor doesn't enjoy the PH), went for a morning walk/jog with huby before sipping a cuppa coffee & enjoying a much needed milder breakfast (noodle soup....not that mild thou) !!!
Then back home for a peaceful wash & Jacss is hereby declaring
a " BLOG DAY " today.....
i'm trying my best to clear as much back log as possible, after which, tomorrow it'll be back to WAR day in the office with the field audit work just started !!!
I'm actually stucked in between updating the most recents or the long outstandings.....but knowing that the 'gong xi' atmosphere is still around, i better get the latest & the recent excitements first up !!!

As usual, i preferred to be back to my in-law place a few days prior the CNY-EVE.....just to enjoy some peaceful 'kampung' life with the small number of members around the household. Huby only has a bachelor younger brother around (who would most of the time not around thou) so with both my PIL busy with their sundry business, it was as good as only having the 4 of us at home!! I really like the privacy we had on these few days before the arrival of the 1st CNY when all huby's 3 other married sisters would be back. With each SIL having kids from a min of 2 to each to a max of 4....the total of headcounts actually blossomed up to 20 pax trying to squeeze into every other corners of my FIL's OLD shophouse !!!

It was a havoc to me & ....... boy, the memories of myself trying so hard to get use to the "LIFE" back then in the big family when i just got married were still vividly loitering in my mind!!! Having said that, today even after many years, i still couldn't exactly got rid of the discomfort feeling of squeezing myself in the compact home, where you will be confined to the only living area for eating, TV or even short nap to take place .....i mean if only one has experienced it.....where u will have to endure napping with 'strangers/relatives' all around you without any privacy!!! I mean it was obviously ok for my huby as he was grown up there & it was his siblings around but for me, i still consider myself 'strange' having to live up to their lifestyle !!!

Thank GOD, this year onwards we do not have to endure such discomfort anymore as my FIL has finally gotten his guts to get a new home for his big family.....a house that is purely for living finally......hahaha, i felt so bad, i didn't even stepped into the shophouse this year!! A decision that i reckoned should have been made many years ago....considering the great expansion of the family's size.... more so when affordability was totally & absolutely NOT an issue!!!

So this year, the Heng family (or rather Jac) was exceptionally 'HAPPY'....'BLESSED'.....and....'DROWN in COMFORT' greeted by the new home that FIL built!!!
** ngek...ngek...ngek **

As you all know, i'm a " very obliging girl ". An uncle has requested me to update on my FIL's new home here, just so that they who lived thousand miles away from us would be updated with the happenings surrounded their love ones back in their home country!!

Here you go uncle Bob, lets tour the new house below :

As promised earlier, FIL indeed honored his promised of building a so-called "badminton court" at the garden compound of the semi-D corner unit......
The moment we arrived home, both huby & I got a shocked to see that the garden area has turned into a big compound beside the house......as if it was meant for restaurant / little food court, hahaha
Then there are 2 living halls, a dining area, a dry kitchen & a wet kitchen or an outdoor cooking area !! 3 bedrooms with 2 baths.
It wasn't exactly a very grand interior but having to do renovation to such an old house would mean quite a massive job, from changing the tiles for the entire house, fixing all new lightings, 5 units of air-conds, painting, wire, electrical & plumbing works, it totaled up to a real BIG damage!! But i see that my PIL are pretty happy about it, everyone was i believe!!!

When we arrived, the house was still in quite a mess with thick dusting everywhere....can't expect MIL to clean the whole house alone!! So for the next 2-3 days, the maid has done a superb job with cleaning under my supervision & i helped to manage with tidying up & arranging little-little stuffs!! Unwrapped & cleaned the sofas & dining set, arranged the sofa position, decided on the decor items around, shopped for household items that were lacking (for bathroom, kitchen & etc)...thank god TESCO has opened in AlorSetar !!! It was as if my own new home that i was dealing with ...as both my PILs are quite indecisive type when it comes to how to arrange or display things, what to buy.....they leave them up to me when i asked so i nearly treated it as if it was my own home, hehehe
Even my cheeky boys commented:
" mumy, ah kung & ah ma also not staying in this house, so this is our new house (as PILs still prefer to go back to the shophouse to sleep)....while laughing & skipping happily away "

alamak.....such a long stories even before starting the main point.....CNY updates!!
to be continued ....


mommy to chumsy said...

wow, the house really has a big compound. good for hosting parties...heheheheh. I like the floor tiles :)

Rjoc said...

Thank you for the update Jacss! Just think that area could be used again as a restaurant and you could sell your bento to all the locals. You might yet move back to the kampong. kekekek

Jacss said...

geee.....u very notty hah !!!
ok ok, if i'm jobless one day, i'll go back and sell bento!!

nice meeting u at the picnic barbara!! yr lil ashley is so sweet.
thanks for dropping by here too.
yeah big compound hor...good for anything lor...haha

slavemom said...

Wah... the compound is really BIG! The kids must be so happy there's such a big space to run ard n play, can even play indoor badminton.
Spacious interior, esp the wet kitchen. And the plaster ceiling looks vy grand.
Good thing u were back a little earlier with the maid to help clean up n deco the hse. Such a capable DIL. I oni eat, take care of kids, eat n eat at PIL's plc. :p