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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day !!


Here's wishing everyone (be it single, attached, married couple, young or old) be showered with
not only today but through out this 'ox'spicious year!!!

With the recent spending in the various greeting seasons/festives together with the current economy turmoil, i am in no mood of throwing any celebration for this unimportant date, hahaha
Thank god, we both has the same consensus of dropping this event from our celebration plan as there are simply many more important dates to cherish !!!
Some more, with those 'sponsors' made on my recent "vacations saga", i've no heart to ask for more....blek !!!

But am still glad that my 'ah beng' still took some trouble to get this super pinkish & sweety card, though he kept nagging how expensive cards are today, grrrrr .... :(

Wonder if it was because of this simple VALENTINE's BENTO i made for him yesterday??? it was rare to see him burst into a laugh over my bento
**wink wink**
*** so easy to please him ***
(left over rice, unfinished raisins by kids, long overdue sausages....tsk tsk tsk)

STAY LOVELY DOVEY today yeah.....



shoppingmum said...

You good la, got full bento for him. :)
I just prepared a heart shaped egg. LOL

Ruth said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I've a scrapbook page for my DH:P

slavemom said...

Happy Valentine's Day to u too! Wow... I'm vy impressed with the "super" ingredients u used for that lovely bento. Well, most importantly, ur man appreciates it. ;)

Rjoc said...

But a St Valentine's Day present is supposed to be from a "secret" admirer and you have to work out who it is!! LOL
But I suppose when you are old and married for more than 7 years it doesn't matter??

Mummy to QiQi said...

happy valentine's day to you, jacss!!

allthingspurple said...

haha! At least he'a a happy man!!

Have a great Valentine Day !!!

Fred Neumann said...


This is Fred Neumann, from Brazil.
Congratulations on your bento series.
I jsut wrote about it, and about your blog, in portuguese, on http://chotensu.blogspot.com
I write about 3 subjects: chocolate, tennis and sushi.

all the best,


I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

waaaaaah ... got special pp from far away land to comment on your blog somemore huh?

GOod good .. keep up the good work and let's have more bento posts!!!

HN said...

You are soooo cute lar! Your hubby must be melted seeing the bento you have prepared for him :D

Irene said...

walao, still got V day card, tao cheow liao man! hahahahahah! me char tou mou! haha!

Annie Q said...

So sweet of you to fix a "love bento" for your hub. :)