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Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Surprise...

Phewww.......i can now officially CALL-OFF the CNY celebration except the upcoming Chap Goh Mei (the 15th/end of CNY). We just had another memorable weekends full of visitings, gatherings & eating of course!! Before i continue to torture your eyes reading more writings & viewing more photos on our CNY events, i can't wait to share with you another surprise i received yesterday evening. 2 old friends of mine came to my house for our annual CNY visiting as agreed earlier. Without giving any hint earlier, my heart went melting seeing them carrying a big secret recipe bag........instantly it knocked on my mind that my big day is soon approaching... actually the actual big day has yet to arrive... still another 2 & ahalf weeks to go lar....But then due to our busy & hectic schedules, it's sad to say we don't meet that often. And that's why they took this opportunity to celebrate my big day in advance with all our family members!

Here's the white chocolate macademia cakes
(so yumillicious...how can i say not when the heart was so happy, rite?)

It was no longer an annual practise to give each other a little pressie on b'day (like we used to do), and in replace we could just give each other an eating treat BUT this year, it was so so so thoughtful of them to get me this lil crystal pendant. I have to admit that irrespective of what our age could be, it is always grateful, wonderful & happy to receive a gift out of care/love, wouldn't you agree more?
so sweet hor......

You see...until i so shy to be rendered the b'day song, hahahaha

Frankly speaking, how many closely-knitted friends that you are still able to keep close contact with after schools? Many would have shifted their friendship to their colleagues after joining the workforce as these are the people that they would be meeting at least 8 hours a day. Well, I don't have many and i really mean it..... that i could actually count with my 10 fingers so those that i'd managed to keep close contact until today would be assured of my sincere & high appreciation over the friendship that we'd built!

Thank you.....my dear friends !!!

After the simple cake-cutting ceremony, we had some bites of the cakes, cookies & chatted before we proceeded to a dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was the lousiest CNY dinner we had so far & the rocketed price had scared us off until we had to curse that they will soon be "closed"/'chap lap' !!!

Scot, Zen Lee & Sean


Back to a little updates on our CNY visitings......

We chanced upon a visit to KEN II Damansara Condo located at SS2 as huby's friend owned a unit there & invited us to their open house. Could anyone give a guess how much it costs considering the high ranking location? Well, i could hardly believe it....for a 1500sq.ft. nest, one has to pay a whopping price close-to RM400k!!! No doubt, the amenities, environment & atmosphere were superb plus the security was very tight & save BUT still both huby & I wouldn't thought it was worth! Anyway, good to know the price though....

Here they are.........

SCOT, JASON & SEAN at playground


Next i would like to showcase how lucky this man was. He used to be an ex-colleague of mine who like to tease & disturb me so much (very itchy type).....back then when i was still not married. But now he called me 'aunty' already........yeah, as if he's not 'ah pek', haha
The coincidence thing was that we both had 'TWINS'.........hahaha
But why i said he was so lucky????
Coz he has "loong foong thoi" i.e. twins of 1boy & 1girl!
When he told me that his wife was conceiving twins, he mentioned very confidently that it will be a pair of 1B 1G twins and i challenged him that he will not be so lucky wan........................
"mana tau", ahhh i so 'jeles' !!
Daniel (in green) & Gracial...not sure correct spelling coz i forgot (in pink)!
One thing i reckon, though they were of different gender but they still looked so alike, rite?

My boys love this dude so much coz he was like a mr. clown to the kids! He insisted my boys call him bryan ko-ko !!


Next highlight was a relationship with the in-law family. We paid our annual visit to my 3rd sis, MIC's house in Damansara Jaya. She was staying with her in-law(Mr&Mrs Yee). The Yee family was small with only a son (my BIL) & a daughter so i bet their house could be pretty quiet & lonely at times. But with our visit on that day (my parents, 5 of us siblings together with the husbands & children=all in 15 of us), i believe they would not hesitate to welcome us again & again. We really ransacked their house, brought so much laughter & cheers to their family. We walloped so much foods & drinks as Mrs.Yee asam laksa was just toooo fabulous... slurppp slurppp man!! Now, wouldn't it kind of rare to find 2 'chan kar' families so close? How i wish mine could be of the same but i suppose rel/ship of this nature was very much fated so no point 'dreaming', hahaha !!

Now, i regret i didn't eat another bowl of this..........

See.....even my loukung also acted like a kid......haha

The cousins...WengYee, Sean, ShuetYee, TzeJiat, Scot


Finally, was the LAI family annual gathering. To me, it was just another angpow distribution & eating session. There were all together 5 tables to accommodate the entire family members. I believe you would agree, as the number of family members are so huge, it is quite impossible to visit each & everyone's house. So since the passing of my late grandma, my dad's siblings chose to gather at the restaurant for a family eating session. My dad and his 2 brothers were obliged to pay the bill while the sisters were pampered along with the rest of the family members!
There are more photos here....


chanelwong said...

it is indeed a pleasant surprise...
Happy Belated Birthday!!!

JO-N said...

Happy birthday in advance, Jacss. It has been very eventful for you and your family. Everyone looks so happy.

wen said...

wah so happening!! happy birthday to you wai san!!!

Rjoc said...

Your sister Mic put on a very nice meal...alas how could you fit it all in???
Your friends look after you well.

Annie Q said...

Happy Happy Happy birthday!!!!!
So when is the actual day??
so sweet of ur two good friends and so thoughtful. U must feel very "kam dong" lei, can see ur look from the picture. ;)

huisia said...

Happy Birthday in advance.
seemed like you're having a happy celebration during cny.

slavemom said...

So thoughtful of ur frens to bring a cake AND present for u. Yeah.. childhood frens who remain good frens till now r truly precious.
KL property prices r really crazy. Well, they're not jes paying for the size of the condo, they're oso paying for the location n facilities.
Eh, how come u din wear a striped baju for the family dinner? Then u guys will be vy outstanding... the striped family. ;)

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. you were born during CNY?

And also so many activities during CNY.

Last pic really all stripey! :P

Happy Chinese New Year to you and Happy belated Birthday to you too.

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. you were born during CNY?

And also so many activities during CNY.

Last pic really all stripey! :P

Happy Chinese New Year to you and Happy belated Birthday to you too.

jacss said...

alamak...how come got ppl wish me belated b'day wan...ahhh, must be my poor english!!
anyway, thank u all for the greetings!

yes,uncle the asam laksa was so wonderful & ya, i appreciated what my fren did!!

hey, genie, u spotted the red stripes heh!!

Zooropa said...

Happy Belated Birthday 2u! Ur crystal pendant is gorgeous.