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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our journey back

How did you deal with an extra ordinary long journey in the car like our recent one from AS to KL???? We didn't make a good decision on the departure day as we left on the final day of the holiday, thus the horrified traffic was unavoidable! Thinking back now....i can't imagine how we survived the 9 hours confining in the car.
After i browsed & played back some of the photos & videos we took during the journey, i recalled some funny conversations that were worthy of note!!

Out of the need to combat the severity of boredom & torture in the car, we created some humourous talks where lil bit of vulgarities exist to cheer both of us up (not meant for the kids thou)!!

As you can see above, as early as at the Butterworth exit, the sight of bumper to bumper already appeared right before our eyes!! We were like.......oooh no, not so early, "ng hai ah ma, kam chou sak" ???? Then after a long 15 minutes of 'turtle' drive we noticed the jam wasn't caused by the festive crowd but it was the 'stupid' Langkawi De Tour that coincidently happened to be on the same day & time !! Our good traffic police actually blocked some of the roads to give way to the cycling group!!! Ohh common......not at this time where everyone was rushing mad home....i mean there were making the situations worst!!

Needless to say, the man in the car nearly went 'amok' and started his cursing......where you could hear the 'tiu nia sing lei' from the below video if you listen very carefully........u can also hear him 'ngam ngam cham cham' (video courtesy from the boys)

While we still couldn't move beyond 50km/hour, we came across this digital notice board which reads : TRAFIK LANCAR./smooth traffic....something something....so our itchy mouth just couldn't helped but to burst out loud: "lancar ka LAN JIAO" ???????.... while laughing hysterically !!!

The journey went a bit smoother after taking over the cycling group but there were still many many cars rambling on the road.............and so, our cursing continued :

We actually saw many "non-chinese" travelling on the road.....you know those easily identifiable ones which we called the 'pao tao' !!! Once we saw one of their car broke down by the road side, we went : "itu lah.......padan muka engkau, orang sambut tahun baru cina, engkau sibuk buat apa, cari pasal saja nak sumbat sampai itu highway penuh, lain kali orang balik kampung, u pegi 'lan si' jauh-jauh lah"..........kekekeke

Then when we got tired of cursing, we attacked the cookies we intended to bring back to KL. We went non-stop munching until we emptied the whole can.

We had to stop like 3-4 times at the rest areas which were crowded & stinky to "relief" ourselves and also for some good stretching!! Btw, the stops were so important to ease our numb buttocks!!

As the boys couldn't really catch their nonsense dady & mumy's conversations/laughs, they have their own ways to deal with the long journey. They played their gameboy, they had their own rubbish talks, they fight a little and they had my camera!! And so they went around shooting along the journey. Here's one which captured my heart. Little did i notice that this little man of ours had this passion........give a little patience and hear what Sean had to express!

You hear him said the wah......"BMW".....very nice ooh ooh ahh ahh & wah !!! And boy, his voice was so sweet lor........

btw, itu BMW where got 'new'.........hor???

We had our breakfast before we left AS and along the journey, we didn't stop for lunch until late evening, we were so exhausted so we decided to stop at Tapah . We had a good break with some hotdog buns and ice-cream at Baskin Robin.

Finally, after a long 9 hours battle, we arrived Puchong approximately 8pm. Straight away, we stopped at a nearby food court for our quick dinner!!
And i hope you enjoy the final video below as much as Scot has enjoyed his plate of noodle!!!


miche said...

ya...his voice is so sweet and boy, ur son must be really hunger. i see him eat i also swallow my saliva. LOL

slavemom said...

I couldn't stop laughing reading wat u guys said abt the 'pao taos'. kakaka (hubby asked if I've gone crazy :p)
Ur lil commentator has a really cute voice. And he's so fascinated with BMWs.
And my my.. Scot can really eat leh. Did he finish that big plate of noodles?

Annie Q said...

OH! Scot really can eat!! So big plate noodles and he looks so hungry! How i hope my boys will like scot love the food. Scot can use chopstick quite well huh? See scot eating, i feel so hungry now!!

I can see the video but not the conversation. :( Do not have speaker on my computer, have to go back and listen to "tiu nia sing"! hahahahahahahhahahaha...OOooppppss...aunty annie so rough!

Sasha said...

aiyoh so long trapped in the car. Semua also numb lor. And daddy's tiuniasing damn gaya. hahahhahaha

papajoneh said...

wahhhh.. cursing everywhere. Hmmm.. lucky im not one of the broken car there.later kena curse lagi. kesian.

whatever it is, Scot the champion. He is the new world record holder for eating like that. Man, I so hope my Josh like that too. :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

at least now the boys are bigger now and they could enjoy trips. I hate it when QQ was little, aiyo...cry all the way except when she sleeps ....

1+2mom said...

wah your boy make most of the mom here so envy ler ~ can eat more..haha.

the "lan jiao"..geng!!

jacss said...

yes miche & genie, in that unusual night & to our surprise, scot finished that big plate of noodle :)
good joke ehh???!!!

so annie, u enjoyed d tiu nia sing like sasha did...haha????

nolar, papa...d cursing was suppose to go along with laughs wan...joke joke only !!

ya cnee, it's kind of torture if d kids are grumpy!!

yalah sylvia, my 'fat boy' can eat like his dady & mumy ma...what to do?? wah....geng ahh, u like huh, hehehe!!!

Rjoc said...

Jins Aunty said "aiyoh! 30 years ago I would have washed his mouth out with soap!!"
Scot will be bigger than his Dad or Penang cousin very soon!! Annes comments "tsk tsk so big,and he ate it all!!"

jacss said...

hehehe....uncle, don't lar tell aunty how naughty we are!!!

u mentioned that there were different opinion from the western seeing scot having his big plate of noodle, care to share?

well, for the chinese esp. the elderly folks (grandma in particular), the more their grandchild eat, the happier they would be! but i know it would not be good as it tends to expand their stomach & appetite!! and i agreed that d tendency of choking is higher given scot's way of stuffing them.....!!! but dun worry it rarely happen!!