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Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Visitings BEGIN......

After back from our 'kampung' last Sunday, i immediately started work albeit a reluctantly one....... again bcoz of the postponed reporting deadline as a result of CNY!! So the visiting among my side of the family members had yet to begin !! So today after work, sis MIC and in-law visited mom and we proceeded to a dinner outside. After dinner, they dropped by my house for a little ransack. At least now the CNY feel came back......

OOH.......look at him (my nephew), just can't resist hugging, cuddling, pinching & kissing him again n again..... he has no choice....being the youngest in the family, everyone was after him. Isn't it good to have a little one around........ahem, ahem.....you smell something in the air, hehe ????

Anyway.......back to the point, we are going to race our time with visitings starting tomorrow, Saturday and the run down of the schedules has already been full for the whole of 2 days until the end of Sunday...... gosh!! No choice..... as this weekend is the ONLY weekend left after being back to the city plus Chap Goh Mei (last day of CNY) falls on the coming Thursday!!


- 10am - huby's friend Vincent's open house;

- 12pm - my siblings gathering at sis MIC's house, Mrs Yee is going to pamper us with her favourite asam laksa;

- if time permits continue at sis MAG's house;

- the ANNUAL LAI family members gathering at a restaurant in Shah Alam, usually there will be 5 tables to accomodate the entire group (as dad has 9 siblings).


- visit hub's aunt in Kepong/Mark family (depends on availability);

- lunch with former neighbours (the bunch where we used to reside together in Sri Kesidang Apartment years ago)

- 5pm, 2 of my buddies with family came over for catch-up & proceed for dinner outside (table booked at Jui Mui Heen restaurant)

Well, is gonna be exhausting yet both huby & I look forward to it so much........

Here are our GIFTS.....we are ready to go, how about you ???!!!


slavemom said...

Wow... a really bz w/end. Then the boys will hv lots more angpows. Seriously, 4 slots of lunches n dinners in 1 w/end sometimes isn't enuff for all the appointments hor. Hv fun visiting n eating!

Rjoc said...

Interesting writeup on a different celebration for the CNY. Very elaborate and the food looked very good. Poor Jac, all the eating you have to do during this CNY, will we recognise you if when we next see you (hehehee).
The boys nust enjoy it with all the ang pows they get.

Annie Q said...

Wow..so much visiting! Must be a busy and fun weekend for u & the two boys!