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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A fruitful MC....

The power of advertisement had lured me into buying a box of coloured contact lens that claimed to enlarge my eyes' pupil so that my eyes look "bigger, fresher & glittering" !!! And i started to wear that pair of lens during the past CNY.....as of this week, it has been a month where the life cycle of that pair of lens should have already expired !!! But since i naively agreed that it indeed made my pair of eyes more shining....i was reluctant to throw/replace it. And as i forcefully continued to wear it, my eyes started to encounter discomfort (very red & teary eyes) yesterday morning at work......yeah i got eye infection. What a vain pot heh ???

But since i did not have the specs with me & the fact that workload was still like mountain, i bear with the discomfort....and the usual "eye-mo" drops don't offer any solution. So i left only when my eyes couldn't stand anymore late in the afternoon!!

So after dinner, a visit was made to the GP. Dr. said it looked not just the usual eyes infection, i had 'red eye' & asked me not to take it lightly. She then jokingly asked me to throw away all my contact lens.....saying things like: why need to wear contact lens......specs no good meh ???

Then she started to tell me the perscriptions.....antibiotics, allergy, eye drops & eye oilment..... i was like : alamak.....like that also so much medicine kah???
Btw, i finally continued the cholesterol pills that was outstanding from my diet for quite a while!!

Then dr. further instructed that : your eyes need to stay away from............TV........PC........then i interrupted : what ??? but i have to face the PC like at least 7 hours a day woh !!!

So dr. said : ok, then tomorrow u rest at home, i give u one day MC !!!
ooh......, ok......, wow......yes yes yes!! As i really never expected it, it suddenly reminded me how long I have not had a medical rest!!

My mind immediately flooded with a long list of things to do on a 'ME' day........oops, dream not so early, it was school holiday this week so means i had to babysit my monkeys while not working!! Yet i don't care.....i just tagged them along with my plan !!!

After breakfast with dady & saw him off to work, i got the boys bathed, packed & off we left the house at 11a.m.....

- visited the dentist for a long overdue scaling and did filling to 2 of my wisdom tooth;

- browsed the area in search of a center that offer arithmetic lesson for the boys (but failed to locate any);

- lunch at Secret Recipe (knowing that it offered the boys' favourites, hence no feeding-struggle);

That's MY MEAL.......slurpp.....slurpp !!

And a cuppa Cafe Latte on such lazy day was such a luxury indulgence, no!!!???
- next i dragged my monkeys to a pedicure (as expected it wasn't a relaxed one as the monkeys were such a disturb along the process);
YET, here it is.......
My french mani......."leng mou / cheng mou" ????

- finally we proceeded one floor up to the hair salon for a hair trim on the boys.....(a wedding to attend this week end ma.....)

By the time we were done with the above, it was almost 4pm, everyone was exhausted so we long to go home. Had some rest lying down in front of the TV and not long after, the sound of the gate opening was heard.......dady reached home & game me a relief.

As i treasured my off day so much, i went upstairs for an hour of cardio DVD
work-out .......FUYOH !!

Felt so completed....accomplished....&.... satisfied !!!

Opps......i had my eyes here for at least 1/2 an hour already so i got to go now.......catch up soon !!!


chanelwong said...

Get well soon..good time spent..with the 2 boys especially now is holidays...

Rjoc said...

Adoih! The Dr said no computer etc to rest eyes then you get onto watching the DVD then your blog!!!
But agree with Doctor that contact lenses not good for your eyes, so easy to get infections unless the ones you change daily are used.
Did hubby notices any changes to you due to the days pampering??

wen said...

wah! 1 day MC can do so many things ah? take two days ma!! haha!

slavemom said...

Halo woman... must take good care of the eyes. No more next time ya. If the contact lenses hv expired, make sure u throw them away.
Dr gave u MC to rest. Then u go hv such a 'fruitful' day. hehehe I'm sure the boys were hoping u'd hv an extra day's MC.
Wah... make leng leng nails to attend a wedding. Even the boys oso get to 'pan leng leng'... got new haircut. :)

All Precious Moments said...

Dr told you to rest, you did so many things...Respect you! I got eyes infection before, so irritating. The eyes swollen like gold fish. Have to wear sun glasses whole day.

Sasha said...

wei..ini sakit ke apa? Can go and do so many things wan? heheheheh

eh go laser la.. my hub also laser edi no need to wear specs edi

Sasha said...

wei..ini sakit ke apa? Can go and do so many things wan? heheheheh

eh go laser la.. my hub also laser edi no need to wear specs edi

Annie Q said...

WOW! What a fruitful MC day!! Do some many things and can spent sometime with the boys too. Eh, not too bad lei, went out alone with two boys. hehehe

Nice french manicure!

Anonymous said...

gosh, so many mecidine for just eyes infection?? - huisia

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha....boss think that give u one day MC become so leng lui go back office!!

papajoneh said...

Hahahaha. This is quite interesting MC. Very satisfying and in the same time making self beautiful. Nice.
Cardio some more. Wah la weiii.. So cool.
Whenlah my wife can do as such... maybe 2 more years :(

JO-N said...

Naughty Jacss, supposed to be off from TV and PC but still write this post. Rest your eyes or it will get worse. Take care, ok? (sound like a mother, eh?)

1+2mom said...

You so geng ler!!!So pain still can go shopping and go 'ban leng leng'.

zara's mama said...

Wah, you MC until so happening one ah?

But true huh? School holidays.. no 'me time'.

So glad school started again!