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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting Older......

Yes, i got a year older today !! But it was not a fruitful day....as i'm pretty stressful working today....i only manage to lift my butt up for the washroom. Whole day sitting in front of the square box(pc)....work, lunch & work as the auditor chose to come in the office today when it was still our closing period....arghh !!

Guess another contributory factor to the down celebration mood was again due to hubby not around....given previously i could have been very mad at him but i wasn't really this time around.....looks like getting a year older is becoming less important.....maybe??!!

I was sitting in the car next to him yesterday when his bis partner called on his mobile to invite him to attend a site meeting in Kuala Terengganu today. He had instantly accepted the invitation .....but only wanting to reject it later. He was trying hard to be honest to his partner by telling in front of me that it was his wife's b'day so he wasn't sure if he should go......then, his partner teased him that he has used the same excuse to reject him sometime around last year-end !!!

"ooi, yr wife b'day again ahh........how many wife u have ahh??"

Then he started to giggle......kekekeke. What a lame excuse !!!

Given the same situation, how would you re-act? Or how can i re-act actually? To forcefully keep him from going will only makes me feel selfish and not an understanding wife! Even if i managed to hold him back physically, if his heart is not with us genuinely, it would be meaningless, right?!

So in the end, i let him go...........albeit reluctantly!!

But then, knowing that he feels a bit 'bad'......i quickly grabbed the golden opportunity and take him for granted by making him wash this............

the wok used to fry the 'kuih bakul' during week end !!

My fried 'kuih bakul' / 'lin kou'

Knowing that huby will be going to Terengganu today, we actually had a simple celebration ystd, the eve. I was on leave yesterday but not entirely bcoz of my big day. Primary school placement was open for registration on 3/3 (Monday) so this definitely was a more significant task to us. I was kind-of taken by a shock suddenly thinking how fast time flies....my boys are going to Primary One next year!!!
After sending the boys to their kindy, we headed to "the selected" school (after much scrutinization) and boy.................i can't believe my sight !!

We queued up for nearly 50mins just to get our documents checked & the "nombor giliran" for submitting our application......tsk tsk tsk !!

Just a little tips to share with parents who soon need to register for their kids! As aware, children would be allocated a place in the school where it is nearest to where the child stay. But the allocated place/school may not always be a favourable choice of the parents. And this happened exactly to us.
If we were to use our home address for the application, the chances of succeeding in getting a place for the boys in our desired school are very low.

So "as advised" by those so-called expert, we can get someone else's home address which is nearer to the desired school for the registration.........just by saying our boys are babysitting there!!! PURE BULLSHIT !!! The education ministry would ensure that the address used for registration is the same as the address as per our Identification Card.

So, Unless if one could supplement with a tenancy agreement that the children with his family are staying at the bbsitter's place, the education ministry will reject the application!

Anyway, we had our ways and got our application registered for our desired choice of school (despite it is not the nearest to our home)......hopefully luck is with us!!

It's a brand new school ............check it out, how is it?

Pleasant & great view........facing the green hill where the basketball court & field are located, how??

The whole process nearly taken up half of my day. Went home for a quick rest while huby attended to some emails. Then we headed for our dried bak kut teh lunch (recommendation from Ah Xian-AEC food show). After lunch, i got huby to send me for a full facial right from face to eye and to neck which lasted me until 5:30pm. It was then time to be back & prepared the boys for our dinner.

And what is celebration without the company of FOOD, huh ??? !!!

It was our first try at Michelangelo restaurant in Sunway Pyramid.

While waiting for the food, Scot was pushed to finish off his home work....

Finally, our food arrived.......slurpp slurpp !!

Here is my piece of birthday cake........emm, emm...

It was quite a satisfactory meal for me BUT my huby said his stomach only achieved 80% and he wants 100% ........ he wanted to get J-Co donuts. I tried to prevent him but he still insist to trade a deal with a condition that if the queue is long, he won't buy. But on a Monday night, how long can the queue be...........and so we ended up with this home for supper!


Here is a sweet b'day card from the beloved one!
Guess today with the advance of internet & communication, card hardly play the role in greetings!! Other than the above from a sincerely loved one, all i received were with "special motive" which i really hate so much.....
You see yourself lah.......no eyes see !!
If really want to give me FREE, give lar..........don't force me to buy 4 packs just to get only 1 pack FREE !!!

Lu, same tactic saja lah........

So, these are what i will do without hesitation.....nah, take back lar !!!


slavemom said...

Happy Birthday to u! Aiya.. we're not 'sap pat ya yee' anymore. It's just like any other day, rite? Moreover, ur hubby is away on biz. Not like he go vacation with his frens. Being an understanding wife, how to be mad at him? hahaha
Ei, u oni need to register now? XY's 5 this yr. We've registered edi. Guess it depends on the schl.
The food at Michelangelo looks yummy! Will try it out next time. We din get the donuts last w/end coz there was a vy long q.
Yeah, I hate to receive vouchers that ask u to buy from them b4 getting the free gift. U think we dunno ur trick meh? *blek*

Mummy to QiQi said...

Aiyo...Jacss...that is not call *old*. That is called *WISE*...

Annie Q said...

Hey! Happy Belated Birthday!!! At least u got a great dinner!! Me got nothing, not even a card. So u don't complain too much ya. ;) hahahahhahaha
The dinner looks yummy, should try that out.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you..
Your birthday sounded very fruitful indeed!

Anonymous said...

aiyo..i am the anonymous..huisia

miche said...

happy belated birthday! so...u know inside people ah in the ministry. :P

JO-N said...

Happy belated birthday to you. Now, it's your turn to get a cultural shock, eh? Wait til you send them to primary 1.

yenlin said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

haha.. we have choosen a 'Brand New' school for our gal too ;-)

Rjoc said...

You are not "old" until you have grey hairs and cannot touch your toes without falling over!!! Can you!!
The new school looks to be an old tin mining area going by the hill behind it, looks a nice centre.
Register now for next year??? Be like some golf clubs where to become a member you have to register at birth (HeHeHe)

Time flies Primary one now and soon they be bringing home their girl friends and wanting cars!

Tot's Mom said...

Happy Birthday! Ya-loh, nowadays birthdays no longer that important that need to get angry with husband if he can't celebrate together. As age catches up, better have no birthday celebrations to remind us of our emerging winkles!! LOL

papajoneh said...

Happy Birthday jacss.... sorry belated eh. I wish you all the best in your career, healthy and prosperous. May family stay together and twins stay handsome and cheerful and healthy of coz.

Nice fooooooooood!!!!

I understand hubby dilemma .. hahaha

Jacss said...

BIG BIG THANK YOU everyone for the birthday greetings !!
It really means a lot....

OK, OK, OK....since my hair still not grey yet, i can still touch my toes without falling & most imptly, all of u said i'm not old yet....i acknowledged lor !!

zara's mama said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you.. Another Piscean!!!

Btw, what's the name of the school? If you don't want to announce here.. email me.. zarasmama@gmail.com.

I see if you are staying near my area, I also want to register Zara there, so nice the school. :P