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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yeah....IT's A VICTORY......

Lets great each other CONGRATULATIONS and also (beneath the heart) give a big big round of applause to those that 'worked' real hard to make this happened.

Most (if not all) of our prayers were answered and our voices of grievance were heard. After a long 40 years, the hard work of the oppositions finally bear their fruit. For a second time in 40 years, DAP re-formed the Government of Penang, this is the first & the happiest news that i received through out the whole election saga. The opposition party has been strong there so it wasn't really a shocking news!

As the clock continue to tick, more and more surprises surfaced. As of now, it is already confirmed that at least 5 states will be ruled by the opposition party.....this is really beyond expectation !! It just showed how anger & dissatisfied the People had been towards the current Government. All i could say was "tai sei"/"padan muka" or simply they deserved it! Their dream of maintaining the 2/3 will remained a dream forever.....yeah tarnished !!!

And i'm particularly vague, doubt & uncertain whether i'm suppose to be happy when the state i've been living since birth is going to face transformation of government too.......yes, yes, yes Selangor has also been taken over by the opposition. As much as i had been eagerly wanting a change to the state i'm residing, i never expect the victory could be easy!!

Great, Happy, Proud, Appreciative, Glad, Content are all the feelings running through my blood yet i can say, i'm still full of anticipation of what positive changes that lies ahead of us !

Furthermore now, together with the central Wilayah state which was also ruled by the opposition, can i say that "OUR CITY" has indeed been governed by the opposition now....... wow...., oh my....i'm still digesting this piece of news. It just seemed so unbelievable to me.

Anyhow like everybody, while i'm all rejoicing with happiness, i don't like the idea of being kept in full anticipation as the ruling party is now singing a different tune!

Whatever it is, i believe we should move on & believe in our choice!


Now back to a little updates on our voting exercise that morning.
Though i've now moved away from the village where i have been brought up, but (shame on me) i've yet to update the change of address with SPR and so my voting right still lie back at my home village. As slack as i was, the rest of my sisters' voting rights remained at the same place too though most of them already moved away!! So it is just obvious that we would gathered together for a FUN voting. Oh ya.....not forgetting my parents, they were there with us too, haha......whole family voting together so it was kind of fun for us!!!!
Our poll centre (at a chinese primary school) was just next to a busy market so we met at the market for breakfast. We didn't come back here for quite a while so we kind of missed the food so much until my huby 'ta pao' all his favourite food there after finished a big pack of nasi lemak. It was also a time my boys got to mingle with their cousins!

OH YA.....the twins finally got their long 'dreamed' BEN 10 watch, started showing-off !!!
Also, look at the 'fat boy' below.......aduh, some more his dady said he's not over weight, arghh !!

See below......my dad (in brown shirt) was at the booth 'kepohing'/busy body chattering with some of his old villagers!! Sadly, i don't see any of DAP booth there...sigh !!

Also look at all those 'samsengs' in motorbike!!

Jeng.......jeng........jeng...........here we come, walking into the school i.e. polling centre! Notice our "finger" sign......that's our choice lar !!! That's the sign my mother teach wan......hahaha

Even my mom got very patriotic suddenly, before we went in....she kept reminding us:

It was the first time voting for both my younger sisters........so obviously they felt excited with the heavy burden! That's why you see us so 'sampat'......hahaha

Checking our number & the exact location!

After we were done, we proceeded to Mag, my sis condo for a dip in the pool. Empty pool so it was all our time there.......a good recharge !! And for the rest of the day, we stayed tune at home looking forward to the results. Further more, mom actually forbid us from going out as ...... u never know....it might be unsafe out there....but thank god !!! U know what, my mom was full of imagination....she even reminded us to withdraw some $$$$ from the ATM, apparently for the "survival period" and just in case we might not be able to do so later.....hahaha, hillarious isn't it ??? But we didn't really head for her advice lar....
And I never get so excited looking forward for the results during the previous round but this time, i definitely got seriously infected by my huby who got so thrilled the whole night running back & forth between the room (where the PC was located for "Malaysiakini") and the living hall (for the TV updates)!!

It's all OVER now.....i mean the election process and lets look forward to another new chapter of life now hopefully with a better & brighter future ahead of us!!


huisia said...

yeah,that's a good news :-)

slavemom said...

Wow.. wat a fun voting outing for the whole family.
As for the results, I oni knew it this morning. I fell asleep with the kids but hubs watched till 4am, I think. But he said vy diff to get into the websites coz over congestion!

JO-N said...

After reading your comment on my blog, I knew you would be happy with this result. So many people are happy and I think it's time now to see what the opposition can do for us to make Malaysia better.

As for the Ben10 watch, my boys are aiming for that too. I wonder why they love Ben10 so much.

wen said...

actually i am worried abt our future. u know la, that SIL won ma!!

Annie Q said...

hahahahhaa..ur mum so cute!!
So the one finger mean?? Going to the moon ar? hahahahahhahahahaha

Sasha said...

eh my mum also point UP UP UP hahahha

papajoneh said...

wahhhh.. all up up up people here. Hhahaa.
I have no comment on politic. I have done my part of voting.. sadly, not as expected here. Oh well, I hope my children later on got better education, lower or none at all fee and better support for us middle income family, amen.

and that Ben10 watch.. lucky my Josh dont like it. Here they are selling like RM100. Pengsan.

Jacss said...

well wen, i don't think the SIL is a threat to the country....just give another 'term', he'll be kicked off too !!!

ppj, yes agreed with yr pray & hope they are answer one day.... yeah, we pengsan too!!!

so jo-n, have u got your boy the watch...hehe???