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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bento week # 22

Since posted the boys' series of bentos a month ago with the mom ranting & rafting about her discovery of his little boy Scot refusing to eat & rather suffered the hunger pangs, i have sort of figured out the causes/reasons/rationale behind those ' little drama ' !!!

This little boy has, for his life been a more picky eater compared to his kor-kor, Sean. Since he doesn't "LIVE TO EAT", he is obviously LESS appreciative of food or in other words he is not the "wai sik" type!! And his eating patern is base on NEEDS absolutely....yes, he "EAT to LIVE instead".....as opposed to his parents, *wink* !!!

So after into much talks, persuasion, discussion & consultation (wtf..... like big project pulak...), i could sort of grasped the 'root' of the problem. It appears that those short 20 minutes of the recess time was TOO PRECIOUS to him that he was all willing to forgo his food ....... just for the sake of some 'FREE play time' !! Being such a hyper kid that i knew of him, i don't doubt this at all. It must be pretty hard that he has to be confined in the strict class room environment!! Furthermore, it's really shocking to see the teachers walking around in the school compound with a 'CANE' on top of the pile of books that she was carrying ......as if it was one of her 'teaching tool' :( Being the parents, we can only hope that our kids would not often be the victim of the cane!! Having said that, i can sort of relate to the kids' feeling of restriction & the desire for freedom..... yet on the other hand i would very much like to welcome the enforcement of 'discipline' into the boys' life, what a dilemma ehh??

While the boys related their stories to me, i was made to understand that Scot usually refused to remain seated at the allocated seat in the canteen, thus missing his meal (as their meal was served on the canteen table). Instead he prefers to bring his lunch box to other common areas (flag area/pathway/walkway) and join his little cronies that brought their food from home & did not subscribed to the school meal package!! They were as if having a picnic on the floor, an idea which i'm delighted to receive!! But but .....wait, kids being kids, i can truly understand my son who would not be obligated to sit & eat his meal!! This is especially so when he gets extremely excited PLAYING !! His big brother did 'tuk pui chek/poke his gold finger behind Scot's back' and said Scot used to run around during recess time & i can absolutely picture that!!

Run... chat...push...giggle...run again...bull shit...absolute freedom.......there goes his 20 mins easily !!
and i strongly believe that's how he missed his meal !!
the sad part is, being at primary school level, they are suppose to be entrusted with a responsibility of taking care of themselves during meal time, yet my "well-taken-care-of" boy was just not ready for such huge responsibility yet!!
i truly hope that this phase will fade off soon....bcoz that little tummy really needs some food (even if it's not nutritious type....i.e. canteen food) to sustain the long 7 hours of schooling.....my poor boy!!

Anyway, the above scenarios happened more extreme during the 1st 2 months since school started & as time goes on, i began hearing that Scot sometimes would ate either few mouthfuls of his canteen meal or selective dishes in his bento box....depending on what tricks mummy had used !!! Soon.... as he is more & more willing to take canteen meal, i tend to reduce the size of his bento portion too!! Mostly i would slot in some "add-ons" such as fruits, desserts or other side dishes that could go well with or substitute his canteen meal !!

"strawberries, edamame, cheese cube, marshmellows & baked kamaboko with ham & cheese"

"oranges, fried chicken meat balls & french beans"

"ham sandwich, 1/2 egg, banana fritters & green apple slices"

"leftover food (veggies, meat, milk & egg mixture) quiches"

Here are some of the SATURDAY BREAKFAST meals at home :

Yeah....my dearie SCOT... while i was busy snapping his food, he volunteer this pose, paused & insisted that i snap this photo, arghhh.....he just knows his mom well !!

Btw, he eats well at home under our supervision !!!

"a piece of sushi rice, some pesimmon & dark berries"

OOH ya....i think this was the last meal in these 2 TOMICA CAR lunch boxes before SEAN LOST his box.......this poor boy got nagged by his mom for a whole week, i tell you !!!
I was damn pissed, upset & heartache that i ended up writing a long letter (together with the photo of the lunch box in colour) to the school principal seeking his kind help to locate it back....i know i was betting with luck.....boo hoo!! And I clearly known that i'm super 'kiasu'....so damn petty but ....what to do, that was what my mind wanted to do at that very moment!! But actually i was putting this request as a secondary point in my letter that has other primary issues to attend lar !! Anyhow, i'm glad that the assistant principal did entertained my request & personally gave me a phone call to talk about it.....then i forget about losing the 30ringgit, **grin** !!! Since then i never let the boy use the box & let it collect dust!!
"spit on those parents that allow their kid to bring home things that don't belong to them"

"various pasta meals as it was one of Scot favourite"

Soba mee but it was clearly a wrong idea as i don't have sauce bottle in proper size so the soba soup got spilled & dirty his bag & books!! ** no next time **

"mini sausages & crabsticks pizza with grapes & baby mandarin oranges"

That's some of the boys' bentos recently !!
Hope you don't get too bored with my rantings.....LOL !!

Btw, we survived our EARTH HOUR tonite (back home around 8:45 after dinner & had a night stroll around our 'taman'....the 30-45min went past so fast) !!

Have a good Sunday tomorrow!!


shoppingmum said...

He sounds like my fren's son, only eat to survive, and if he's very occupied, he can forget about hunger the whole day! But after some time, can really see the difference in size as comparing to her younger brother, even if they are only one year apart.
Luckily, your boy still eats well at home.

wen said...

i have a feeling my son will be like ur son, running around during recess period..

slavemom said...

Good thing u found out the root of the prob. Headache oso hor, no one's there to make sure he eats. And recess is their free time, to do watever they want. Maybe give him power food - hi in nutrition, filling enuff to last till 2pm AND oni takes less than 10 mins to eat. When u've figured out wat food fulfills these criterias, let us know ya. hehehe
Huh? Teachers use canes in schl? I thot it was banned?
Nice bentos, as usual. ;) But wouldn't the pasta taste quite horrible when it's so cold?

jacss said...

wuah ginie, such a tough task ahh... hi-nutrition food that can finish in 10mins...LOL!! will think abt it ya..
emmm....not sure abt other school but in my boys' school, the teachers looked as if they hv d official licence to carry d cane around!!
come to think of it...it's really a challenge to control a class with at least 40+ students, so without a super loud voice & 'a force' i.e. cane...things can easily get out of control!! so.... really don't know...sigh!!
just be prepared...don't think cane has been banned in M'sia!!

amy: it can be terrified if the kids are left without food for such long hours hor...surely invite gastric in d long term so how can d parents not worry!!

well wen, at least u r more prepared now....

mommy to chumsy said...

wahhhh...your bento always make me so hungry. so much good food also your lil guy doesn't wanna eat?

Angeleyes said...

I also sakit hati if those nice bento box go poof!

I like the train onigiri you made.. good idea to stuff them with filling so not so bored and more flavorful.

You know, I also worry about my boy when he starts school next year. Boys being boys... they are so playful and careless! My boy will also eat to live if he is playing... even pee in the pants coz going to toilet will cut short his playing time! :P

Annie Q said...

hmmmm (now i start imagine) when my two boys go standard one, i am sure Cruz will like Scot. Running around, as he cannot sit still and full of energy most of the time. :( Now i start worried!!!! Next time just let them bring the RM5 lunch box to school, those expensive one keep at home and use it on weekend. :)

Your bento got so many variety, not like mine, most of the time are the same food, my boys not so challenging.

allthingspurple said...

fuyoh..feast for the eyes, so many bento in one post ! heeheee...sorry havent been bloghopping lately. Busy leh. will catch up soon *grin*

My bento stash also establish oredi, don't think I will be going to 101 Daiso. Those bear plates you got are super cute. The rest can get from Daiso at the Curve (I got my rectangle plates there mah. heehee)

still feeling the pinch about your tomica, dearie? *grin*