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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A GIFT to " Yours Truly " ....

I had always wanted to do a LIFE JOURNAL of myself
(even if it's only photos with very minimum text).....
u know .....those that u used to see in a wedding reception ..... (fr baby till who you are today)???
actually during our wedding, we did had one which was a lot simplified & even it was only like 8 years ago, i can't seemed to locate the file anymore !!!
Furthermore, in those donkey days, anything to do with internet & PC was literally very very "green" to me !!
Can't believe what i'm actually up to today .....internet, various forums, blogs, various softwares & applications (flickr, slide, facebook just to name a few popular ones) are all part of my life.

And it was after much persuasion & persistence that i managed to pick up the courage to fulfill this wish of mine !!!
Moreover, having it done up on a JOYOUS occasion would be auxiliary meaningful !!!
However, i had very little time to do scanning of all the photos, hence re-shooting them using my digicam was the fastest & easiest way. So please bear with the poor quality of the photos.
Btw, as Slide only allowed 50 photos in each slide, i had to break them up into a few slides ...

30+ years ago, a little girl was born on this day !!
Enjoy her grown up !!

2nd DD of a 5 girls siblings

born in ipoh & moved back to PJ at the age of 3. life then was pretty poor where mom even reckoned that i came at the wrong timing but it turned out that i actually brought much joy & LUCK to my parents!! 2nd of the siblings, my birth cert no. ...then i/c no. & any other numbers that associated with me, all brought lottery winnings to mom !!! at one point, the winning came in time to replenish milk powder for me.....awww, so pity & sad !!! then mom said i was also an easy baby as if knowing life was difficult...feeding, sleeping & caring all came with no problem !! due to the 'large' head, round big eyes & chubby face, it was common that i was mistaken as a baby BOY....until one day, a contractor uncle that was waiting for his lunch (cooked by mom who was a freelance cook then) helped to change my soiled diaper & was greeted with REAL surprise when it was not 'birdie' that he saw, hahaha LOL!!
as a student, i was also blessed with a little smart genes (i mean academically)...not much guidance & force was required whether in homework, revision or studies!! received very little attention from both mom & dad who has to work full time!! with many other things in life to mend as well as having 4 other siblings to divide their time, i don't really blame !!


(most rebellious stage....& nightmares for dearie MOM)

apart from being a 'bully' among the siblings, i don't gave mom much of problems during the 1st half of my teenage life!! but things took a turn in life when i reached the peak of my teenage hood. i became 'wild'& rebellious .... wasn't sure if it was the influence of friends. i like going out & hate to be confined at home ....the desire for freedom was so extreme... very much against the wish of any parents!! the mother_v_daughter arguments & struggles became the weekend affairs!! during high school, party was a favourite !! started visiting 'picadilly disco' tea party at form 5 without parent's knowledge....hahaha!! used to get the blame (for the bad example) when younger sisters misbehaved (coz my elder sis was totally the opposite of me, she's the very angelic type)!!!
so i'm the 'tai kuai tao' !!!
at times in order to "TRADE" for the permit to go out, weeks of household chores are the price to pay for!! there was even once i went out taking with me the ONLY set of keys to the house & coincidently the door to my parents' room was accidently locked from inside..... resulting them having to sleep in the living hall while waited for me to come home with the keys. disaster isn't it but worst thing was, i BROKE my promise of reaching home before 12 midnight. so the moment i slided the door ajar, i saw mom standing right infront of the door 'receiving' me with a 'fling' of her hand....yes, supposingly a 'slap' but i managed to avoid it, thus landed on my arms instead.....did i said i was then already a 20yrs old????

anyway, i sort of got the 'licence' to go out at night after finishing form 5 but very much with restriction still. i could still vividly remember my virgin visit to a night disco on the day spm exam finished....phew......it was like a bird finally got loosen off from the cage!! mom has to endure much worries raising the teenage me....i've yet to even mention puppies loves !!
the only PLUS point i see in myself was despite the many 'child problems' in me, i rarely had my parents to worry about my studies!! i never got myself slack in studies. i hate reading but i read 'seriously' for exams!! 'red marks' in exam never happened, i'm not any top student yet i absolutely had no idea how i managed to pick up 8As in spm. mom was extremely proud....the only time she was seen swollen with pride over me. but i was not all time consistent, didn't do that well in pre-u, hence not getting into local U but moving on to college, i gained back the fame for winning 2 consecutive years' book prize (best academic performance) !!


(mom letting out a SIGH OF RELIEF....)

the past rel/ship right before huby ended in a sad 'tragedy'....leaving much torments & suffers in mom, yet again....sigh....sob!! btw, both huby & I were introduced thru friends in 'modesto'..... surprise??? LOL !!!! huby is not any regular...it was 'fate' lar!!
i think.....the constant worries of a mom finally came to a halt when i finally tied the knot with a man that mom deemed to be a 'good man' that takes good care of me for the rest of my life (& changed me too...hahaha) guess....there was some truth in it as few of my fellow school/college friends turned good friends today kept asserted that i had changed 180 degrees.....ooh yakah?? well, not really giving credits to anyone but i do believe those rich, thick & bitter experiences in different phases of life DO contributed & led to the next phase of life, hence forming an entirely different characters/behaviours in a person, no??!!
In fact, yes i heard mom said it clearly :
"she finally could put down the 'burden of me' off her shoulder (wink) "!!

btw, now i can see my wed. photos here since they had been lying under the bed for ages!!


now, having my own children, i'm all prepared to go thru what my mom has gone through raising me up.....except that it is 'BOYS' that i have to handle which could give rise to entirely different problems, arghhh.....so sked !!! sometimes i do wonder if 'god' would punish me (at least with what mom has to endure) if i ever have a daughter to raise in the future, LOL !!!

FINISHED ???? thanks for your time !!!

Pheww....hope u didn't suffered any shock seeing the transformation of me !!
Yes, i was NOT the lucky one that could maintain my youthfulness, I aged so much, didn't I?? .....much to my heartbreaking BUT somehow....'someone' once knock on me that :
With much integrity & dignity, "ONE SHOULD GROW OLD GRACEFULLY "
And i'm so gonna stick to this principle!!

mom the most 'wai tai' one, 'man sui' !!
" from now onwards, my birthday would mean bringing mom out for a good meal "

happy birthday once again !!


Blur Angel said...

Happy Birthday!! very nicely done!! :)

Anggie's Journal said...

Happy Birthday to u ..... wow... this is a very meaningful post and slide u share with us here ...

U still as pretty as b4 .....:)

shoppingmum said...

This post is so touching. Happy Birthday to you!

slavemom said...

Happy Birthday, Jac! May u be blessed with good health n happiness always.
This is a vy interesting, special n personal post. Thx for sharing with us. Btw, ur wedding photos really 'sat sei yan' loh. ;)

Irene said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to yooooooou!

wen said...

wow wow wow! now i know u better! we r the same! party gal! haha! i dont think i wanna reveal my teenage times with u all, malu..haha
u looked so innocent and yet 'phou' picadilly! and ur photos of transformation reminds me i am old too coz we r of same age!
anyway u still look beautiful and as what i have mentioned, u hv the si thau poh look leh and indeed u r! thks for sharing!

Ling That's Me said...

happy birthday !!

Rjoc said...

Very good story jacss, but I am sure that there were many interesting tales you did not tell us!!
Are you going to do one for the other half??? perhaps that should get linked to the Family Tree also LOL.

khongfamily said...

Happy Birthday, Jaclyn! Great journal...

GG said...

You look stunning in your youth, I bet many guys were competing for your affection.

And the wedding pics are simple and sweet.

Happy Birthday.

huisia said...

Happy Birthday!
This is a very nice "birthday" post :)

HN said...

It's like seeing a movie :) Very neat and nicely done! Happy Birthday pretty mommy!!!

mommy to chumsy said...

hey, great to read your post. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. So touching too *Sobs*

Happy Belated Birthday To You :D

JO-N said...

Happy birthday Jacss! Writing this post is not easy and it takes lots of courage to do so.

To me, you are still as pretty as before. Growing up gracefully is such a beautiful thing to do and I do hope I can do that as well.

Annie Q said...

Happy birthday Jacss!!! Very touching post!

Your wedding picture so pretty, and u didn't change much la, u still look like when you're in your teenage, really.

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...happy belated birthday to you, Jacss. ! so long and detail life story.

angeleyes said...

Happy Birthday!

You looked soooo sexy lor! :P

Sweetie Michelle said...

hi jac, happy birthday to u! thanks for sharing. in fact, been thinking to do something like this in these years especially when i am a mummy now, and hmmm getting matured :p i would prefer to make it in a mtv format, with some meaningful songs n lots of photos. so i can play the dvd more often n enjoy it together with children ^_^ am having many mtv for children pic, my wedding or any party occassions. i can help u to do one if u want to, as your bday gift :p

Anonymous said...

wow!! u actually scanned in ur old photos..so rajin! from ur pics, i can see that one of twins has got ur looks...so cute! wish i can do this journal too....thanks for sharing!

miche said...

i'm late but better late than never.

happy Belated Birthday!!!

and u are soooo pretty now and then.

envy u too..can party and get good results too. :P

Ruth said...

so touching... Happy Belated Birthday Jaclyn!!!

allthingspurple said...

this is such a wonderful post !! The journal of your life ! and you are such a gorgeous girl in your teen! Stunningly beautiful bride at your wedding day !!

Yes, man sui man sui to all moms !!! And happy belated birthday, dear !!

jacss said...

hi sweetie michelle, thks for yr well wishes, esp. your generous offer of doing a mtv....wow but but u know what, as much as i wanted to convey my eagerness, i can't seemed to find yr contact details, neither can i leave u a comment in yr blog, how leh???

thanks for :
-all of you who has taken d time to know me better in this post;
-appreciating my works, hehe
-all the compliments;
-all the well-wishes!!

ginie, yakah 'sat sei yan meh'... hopefully it's not 'hak sei yan' now, ok!!

wen, how nice if 'picadilly' is still around, then we can go visit for a recall of those nostalgic memories hor....!!

emmm....unc. i will keep this special request in mind, never know one day i might decide to do one for him, hopefully time permits me!!

peggy, i where got so rajin, i re-shoot them & not scan, hope to see your journal one day too, ok!!

Anonymous said...

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