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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another RARE weekends.....

Quite a lot of things that worth a mention !!

I've been longing to make a "proper" bento if not really a very nice bento for the boys without restriction factors during school days, such as "to be able to withhold our warm temperature"!! This simply means home bento is the best idea !! Usually with the busy events & lazy bugs biting during the weekend, it's really hard to find time to accomplish this task! But this past Saturday, i liked what i cook for our lunch !!!

Hubby got some "sashimo" / the above fish from Cold Storage at very good bargain!! It has always been a 'hit' whenever the family dine at any Japanese restaurant. But maybe due to my lousy frying skills, the boys weren't as fancy as we had initially thought!! Anyway, huby & I do enjoyed eating them!! The moulded rice has been mixed with salmon furikake & there were also other fillings within the rice!! And i had finally finished the last batch of disney animal seaweeds i brought back from Japan!! Though the bento nearly fulfilled the complete criterias of having carbos, protein & veggies, nevertheless, i had expected the boys to give the lettuce & cherry tomato a pass!! Kids never like those anyway....so they were there just to please my camera, haha!! Btw, those brown strips in the triangle silicon cups were "wo lai yeh's yuk kon"/bbq dried meat which was the 1st attacked by the boys !!

This morning, huby finally managed to pick up the courage to send his boys to the long postponed SUNDAY SCHOOL (btw, they should have started since 5 years old) !! I have yet to question him why?? Maybe his grandpa visited him in his dream & gave him a hard knock on his head, bwahahaha.......!!! I personally reckoned that the 1 & a half hour session is a tad long for the kiddos, i'm just very afraid that the boys would soon become very bored of it & hesitate to attend!! And i bet my MIL would be very happy that the grandsons had finally officially on its' way to embrace the religion....she had been hinting & pestering huby to fulfill this obligation of him!!! As Ash Wed, Good Friday & EASTER is approaching, this was their first assignment in the class today !!

For non-christian, these are PALM LEAVES....(the boys told me so, haha) which are used to wave at Jesus on his journey to be crucified....somethg like that lar (as i'm not catholic, stories picked up from huby)!!

I'm glad the boys gave a pretty good review to the start of their sunday class & the fact that they took the effort to colour the leaves after returning home proved their positive attitude...**proud** !!

To reward them after the class, we visited for the 1st time the newly opened IOI Mall Extension mainly for lunch actually!! The boys picked PapaJohn pizzas & the food was pretty good except that we found the portion a bit too small !!!

Then...then...then, DAISO (the RM5 shop) has begin operated since Saturday (28/3) and i knew my visit to IOI mall will never be complete without a visit to it though I didn't really expect much since my bento gear collections are pretty huge already!!

Guess what, the place was "people mountain people sea"....so damn jam pack!! I was even more surprise to discover that the range of products in this branch has more varieties & more extensive than that of The Curve!! So, of course i didn't came out empty handed !!

Without much a do, here you go:

don't you also find these corning wares SO SO SO pretty?? they are not just pretty outside but also quite taxing in weight, so i presume d quality is good !!
and each cost only RM5.....dang !!

Though i saw many new items here which were not available at the other branch during my last visit there, unfortunately there were not many bento related accessories!!! Most of them i had already owned. Anyhow, below were some of my picks!!

i like the 'red bowl' for soup/rice, nice !!

While i was busy at the section for 'silai aunty', the boys were with their dady at where they were meant to be!! They had their pick of items as well !!

And for the longest time i had been looking for those "transparent case" to house the boys mountain of car toys!!
See their range of ferrari cars below & aren't they looked neater this way ??!!

Finally i end this post with yet another snack bento for the boys tomorrow..... simply because:
~the water chestnuts were super sweet & juicy so i had them added into the konyaku jelly &
~the frozen corn seeds were shockingly FRESH & SWEET, i never expected frozen food to turn out so well. just microwave them a little & add some olive butter with a pinch of salt, they tasted like those we get to eat from the Nelson corn!!
at the bottom is a pack of MILO chocolate nougat !!
the colour combination also pretty awesome, rite ??

There goes my busy weekends & i hate to wait for another week to be able to do another posting!! i'm desperately dying to finish off the final episode of my japan visit, i.e. my virgin ONSEN (naked hotspring) session !!! LOL LOL LOL, stay tune lor.....


Anggie's Journal said...

daiso in ioi Mall ??? oh, then is near for me compared to The Curve ... thanks FYI ..:) !!

LittleLamb said...

ooooo i m making my way to IOI mall soon... :)

slavemom said...

Seems that the boys enjoy their Sun schl. Coz they're paying attn in class. :)
Daiso is so near to ur plc. That's dangerous! hahaha Better not go there so often. Say dowan to buy much, but come out with big bags of loots. :p
The display of cars in transparent casings look vy nice. Vy tidy this way. N that's a BIG collection of cars.
A bento full of snacks n dessert. Fantastic! I'm sure this one will come back empty. ;)
Can't wait to read abt ur 'naked' post. *wink wink*

Jess said...

Daiso Melaka open too..visited too! Will very nice place to hang around ya! So many varieties there too!

mommy to chumsy said...

thanks for the info on the palm leaves :D we wanted to go to ioi mall last week because of daiso (wink)but it was raining heavily so we made a detour. ioi mall is prone to flooding eh? i must go when the sun is shining bright..hahahaha

Health Freak Mommy said...

Those cute little plates are corningware? I thought they were melamine. Very nice and cheap!

Mummy to QiQi said...

love the bear plate!!! my hb will never bring me to IOI mall :(

angeleyes said...

Aiyer... I so wanted to go to daiso but everytime also the timing not ngam one! :(

I love those bear-bear plates!!!! get for me lar if you go again next time! :P

slavemom said...

Halo woman, u've been tagged! ;)

wen said...

i hardly go to IOI mall. i too, must look for a case or rack for the toys for display!

JO-N said...

Daiso at IOI mall and the Curve? Really? I thought I saw a banner at the Curve but didn't know the exact location of Daiso there.

The boys will love Sunday School, lots of fun there.

Annie Q said...

OH! Daiso in IOI Mall already open!! Hmmmmm, a bit too far for me.

hahahha, i have to agree with you on the cherry tomatoes and the lettuce and even my carrot, all just for "DECO" for my camera, my boys will pick it all out before they attack their food!

Nice Bento!!!

zewt said...

you can get sashimo from cold storage????

Sasha said...

i bet u have tonnes of bento things in yr house

javapot said...

didn't see the bear plates - they are very cute. tks for sharing your loot.