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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My 1st BENTO Book

I was greeted with a BIG SURPRISE on a late morning of yesterday in the office!!
As usual the courier guy left a bulk of letters on my table which i had brushed a side for 15mins until i was more settled down to check them out!! My eyes were caught by the big envelop & when i flipped it over to check for details.....**dang** i saw the sender's details....that was my japanese colleague with a note in red stated it was A BOOK only !!!

My heartbeat immediately turned into a messy tone....bumping up & down, left & right in excitement with my lips wide smiling happily as i already could expect it to be a BENTO book !!
During my visit to Tokyo, i had several times mentioned to her that i'm interested in looking for some kawaii bento book but some of the few smaller bookstores that we visited did not house many good selection!! Though we knew that we could have easily find one in Kinokuniya but time & chances just don't opened up the opportunity for us to visit one....yes, i missed giving Kino a visit !

Anyway, the moral of the story was " SHE REMEMBERED IT ".....she remember that i long to own one but hesitate to get it back home as it is a bit pricey here!!

She told me that she stumbled upon the book & found it really interesting (thou she didn't make such bento). And so she thought of me ....... isn't the thought & effort of flying the book all the way from Japan beating thru the expensive freight charges suffice to make the recipient choked with emotion???

Yes....yes....for a moment i was stunned glaring & admiring the book with disbelieve until i didn't realised my eyes turned teary......ooh man !!! what an emotional girl heh.......

By Akinoichigo: the popular one here....we all visited her website before, no??
love all her creations.
Christene said it was one of her favourite too ... where she would flipped over whenever she had to be kept in long wait during her course of work with the Court....sorry dearie, stealing yr stories here....*wink* !!

Soon after calming myself down with the terrible excitement, my attention was shifted to those little stamps affixed on the envelop......gosh, oh my.....why in the world all the things from japan are so CUTE......tell me???

" take a look at the transformer stamp "
yes, my guess was correct, the boys fight over the stamps

Geeee....you see la, even the little sticky note melted me, won't you??

MOO - MOO note

I have been working for the past 8 years with people around the globe with distinctive backgrounds & cultures. But many of which are only limit to a strict working relationship!!
And I reckon that it's not all easy for a distance working relationship to blossom into a level beyond just that, yes with her it is also about friendship together with several other Asian ladies in the group (a Philippino, a Taiwanese etc...) which i would definitely treasure & appreciate it.

Thank you dear, *muak-muak* !!

That's a little insight stories about :

** A Surprise that Came by When You Least Expected It **

p/s: ooh no....more homework now !!!


shoppingmum said...

This book is one of my favorites! Can't wait to see your creations soon. LOL!

SIG said...

That is so heartwarming. Really very very sweet of her... these Japs are all like that. Very kind and thoughtful. I have a Jap friend whom I give my daughter's old clothes to, and I mean they aren't old, just that she can't fit into them anymore. This Jap friend bought her a book voucher from Borders and lots of stuff when she went Japan. So paisei. :)

slavemom said...

U're blessed with wonderful frens, all over the world. And Sac is really one of a kind. U must be so 'kam tung' with her thotfulness.

mommy to chumsy said...

ahhh...what a nice and thoughtful colleague you have. well, i'll be waiting to see all the lovely creations :D btw, the stamps are really cute too. so unlike the ones here...either the face of someone or those dull looking plants :( i think everything is cute over in Japan eh?

laundryamah said...

been working with some suppliers for so long pun tak dapat this kind of treatment....so the nice lor ur Jap colleague..

khongfamily said...

Wahh..so nice!! I've been bugging daddykhong to bring me to Kino for the books..haha. I bought the same book too...but so darn expensive lerr. Nice to look at sometimes but no time to do..haha.

Irene said...

wah, shiok lah you. so nice of ur colleague. very thotful. everything in japan is blady cute kan. soooo nice!

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

waaah .. envy envy .. :) love that book ...

start preparing nice nice bentos so that we can admire them :)

angeleyes said...

Aiyo... I also felt so touching ler! I have the book too... very good book.

I also have a Japanese friend who is very 'hak-hei' and she is very nice. I think it is their culture... they are very warm 'yit-ching'.

wen said...

so sweet of ur fren!

Annie Q said...

so sweet of your friend/colik. Can't wait to see more and more bentos from your blog. :)
Didn't know Akinoichigo got publish bento book, i only see it from her website. :)

Have to agree with you, the stamps are so cute!!! hahahhaha, when i look at the stamps i know your two boys will "fight" over it already. :)

zara's mama said...

All in Japanese?

Can read?

Your friend is way too sweet.