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Saturday, April 4, 2009

SAKURA ..... SAKURA ......

*** Aiya....sorry ahh, still not enough talking about my 'yap pun mui' leh ***

She managed to snap some beautiful shots of the SAKURA outside the office building recently and shared them with me !!

If not told, i didn't know that SAKURA has a short life of about 2 weeks+ only & it's now in season!!!
What a waste hor ??


Aren't they marvelous ??
Also a beautiful unique creation & gift of god ??

Btw, i didn't know that even a japanese can be very fanatical over the sakura;

" Sach mentioned that it's her dream to be able to see the sakura (since it's seasonal) before leaving for heaven one day "
......oooh, that's so touching ??

And a few shots of the night life of the sakura with illustrative lightings!!
She said many likes to enjoy a cup of SAKE by these views, who wouldn't right?

Have a good weekend !!


LittleLamb said...

it beautiful....

slavemom said...

So beautiful. That's the thing, if u can c it the whole yr thru, then it won't be so special anymore hor.

huisia said...

wow wow, so beautiful!

Health Freak Mommy said...

The flowers are really beautiful. Japan is one country that I really want to visit one day.

Annie Q said...

SO SO Beautiful!!!!

laundryamah said...

wahh very cantik!! i wanna gooooo!