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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Bento Project

We have been rotting at home this weekend bcoz dady was away to Bangkok for 3 days ...... (fung lau fai wut)!! Sounds like it's quite often to Bangkok rite..... what to do, that's where his manufacturing plant is located. But of all, he chose the Lent period to go ..... sigh, no eye see !!

So i had planned ahead this "project" since i figure i'll have more time at home plus there will be "no one" pressuring me to do revision with the boys.....yes shhhh, the 'dictator' not at home, we'll all have absolute freedom. The boys can spoil themselves in front of the PC pounding the keyboard enjoying their games while i can indulge myself in the kitchen for as long as i like without that annoying calls!!

Anyway, back to the project i was talking about, if you have not known yet, there is a
"WHO R U" bento contest/challenge going on, organised by another bento enthusiast javapot, for more details, check out here.

It is meant to be a bento that should be telling about who I am.....pretty interesting but surely challenging !! I personally think that a bento box would be way insufficient to know the multi-faceted & versatile me......hehe, so i chose to tell what i LOVE & Passionate about currently in this phase of life !!! Hope i didn't go against the rules.

Bottom bento box consists of the main dish, which is suppose to be ala 'nasi lemak' style (modified version) with seafood, 'sambal', japanese fish cake, edamame & carrots !!

Upper bento box consists of fruits & desserts i.e. a fairy cupcake & shaped watermelon, cherry tomatos, cheese, chocolates & sweets !!

NOW, let's get to know me more.....

Yes, i am one of those typical Malaysian who couldn't live my normal life without a dose of our famous delicacy "nasi lemak". And had it not bcoz of health reason, i wouldn't have to limit my intake to not more than once a week!! I always believe there's reason for one to be 'fat' and now you know WHY heh??!! It's a holy poisoning food yet an authentic delicious food of ours, isn't it?

-The 'santan/coconut milk' rice was replaced by denbu rice shaped in sakura, which also symbolises my LOVE for everything japan !!

-The little boys plain onigiri rice symbolises "my love, my blood & my life", which are none other than my 2 little TWIN BOYS !!

'Nasi lemak' will not be complete without its' main ingredients 'sambal' and some accompanying dishes!!

2) SAMBAL (on the left of the yellow silicon cup) :

Here is my version of 'sambal' (big onions, blended dried prawns, fresh small prawns & a can of 'cili giling'). I'm an avid fan of HOT & SPICY food.....yes, another typical malai girl !!! My tolerance level towards spicyness has grown over the years and i consider myself 'crazy' over chillies. For that i had 2 red hot 'CILI PADIs' on top of the sambal as a symbolic food??
Today 'cili padi' has become part of the necessity in my meal. I'm used to had a pc or 2 of the chopped 'cili padi' on each spoon of food that goes into my mouth, but that standard has way long been surpassed so instead, i now need to have at least 4 to 5 pcs of chopped cili padi on top of each spoon of food..... in order to be satisfied / 'puas' !!

3) SEAFOOD (on the right of the pink silicon cup) :

Being a top in my list of favourite food, I chose it as the accompanying dishes to my 'nasi lemak'.... i.e. stir fried squids & prawns with dried chillies & onions !!
**arghh** .... Letting out a big sigh as it is yet another heart-attack food!! As age is catching up, i'm also moderating the intake of seafood :(

4) JAPANESE FISH CAKE (in a bag figurine):
If you have yet to 'catch' what it symbolises.....read on. Sadly but i'm a person who enjoys INDULGENCES a lot!! I spoilt & pampered myself too much & unnecessarily at times....so much so that mom called me 'pai kar jing' (a gene that she alleged i picked up from dad)......i can't believe i'm telling you guys this!! The LV bag figurine symbolises my love for branded bags .....carrying one never failed to boost up my self-esteem. But now that i had nearly 10 pcs to rotate, i will have to put a stop to getting more...but but wait, i've yet to own a pc of Chanel & CD .....yikes :( !!!
Apart from that, i love going to spa pampering myself with sauna, a session of jacuzzi bath, massage, facial, manicure & padicure....all of which are money suckers and that's why you see a $$ sign on the floral carrot slice. Therefore, being employed is important to me...haha bcoz i can't imagine not spending my own money for such indulgences!!

5) In my DESSERTs box:
Like any woman, ladies & girls, i too have a sweet taste bud. It feels romantic to be able to enjoy a good dessert after a fulfilling meal. The chocolates, gummy hello kitty sweets & cupcake are all sweeeet !!
-Watermelon is my all-time favourite fruit that kills thirst instantly with its' sweet & abundance of juice!!
-Cupcake symbolises my newly found passion for baking & the art of cake !!
-2 lady birds symbolises my extreme desire for freedom in whatever i do (btw those cheese only laid as a base for the lady birds to sit on)!!

That's all for the time being, hope you had a good time knowing 'my love' / 'my passion' & those little bad sides of me !!!

Btw, it's my virgin try in a Bento Contest so bear with my simple work. Wish me luck & do give support if you like as i'll be lying if i said i don't wish to get those exciting gift that awaits the winner!!

Anyway, if this little challenge also interest you, wait no more as closing dateline is soon approaching.

Happy Bentoing !!


shoppingmum said...

10 pcs of branded bags to rotate!!! My DREAM! LOL!
I like that sambal prawn, I'm drooling over it. BTW, nice knowing you more through your bento. :)

GG said...

Bankok?? Safe or not??

Make sure get him a "pei tan yi"..

mommy to chumsy said...

good luck :D your hubs back already from the madding Bangkok?

Arlene said...

I am nasi lemak fan as well!!! LV bags too...lucky you!

LittleLamb said...

nice.....hope u win :)

javapot said...

hiya, tks for your entry. Great bento, like the twin boys especially ;) You must be tired on hearing this but do u get 'double trouble'?

slavemom said...

hohoho... The 'dictator' is not at home, so the tutor slack edi hor. The boys must be so happy. :)
That's a really nice n meaningful bento. Good luck in the contest!

Mummy to QiQi said...

nice nice bentos....still got so much time to play with bento although u working? keng!

Sasha said...

i got one word for you.


Susan Yuen said...

Fantastic bento! That seafood sambal looks great...I love spicy food too.

JO-N said...

This bento contest is special and I love your description about yourself. How I wish I can go for spa, manicure and pedicure but I have never done any of the above, not once. Sad, right?

All the best to you.

Irene said...


Rjoc said...

AH HA when the cat is away the mice do play!!
Your Bento and its description was very original and looks excellent. Best of luck. But 10 bags!!!! how to use them!
The 2 chillies looked a bit too deadly for my likening.

Jacss said...

thanks everyone for the well wishes!!

my lou kung has been back safe & sound....no worry!! i think it wasn't as bad as it has been reported by the media, huby still managed to eat well...shop great & have fun there, LOL!!

Jacss said...

javapot, yes that was a question asked million of times since their birth and sadly the answer is still very much the same as of their 7 yrs old... double troubles, double headaches, double worries....!!

Jacss said...

yor...cnee & sasha, u really made me think i'm that 'geng' lar, hahaha

ginie: shhhh...kenot too loud la!!

hey susan, great to hear from you & thks for yr comment!! u know what, u r like a celebrity to me...i stumbled upon yr video in youtube & it led me to watch yr show in the TV, that was great & u looked stunning!! didn't know u r the author to that book too!!

Jacss said...

geee....yr comment never failed to put a smile on me,n yes, that was so reflective of us, LOL !!
ooh...10 is no prob, there r 365days in a year remember, haha!!
sorry for d deadly looked chillies as they hv been kept in d fridge for a while...
thanks uncle for yr best wishes!!

SueSue said...

Nice bento. Love the flower in the middle and the 2 boys at the side. So lovely. Eh, Bangkok safe kah now?

Anonymous said...

Didn't know that my little niece had grown up to be such a great cook now.
Folks! Let's jam up her place this week-end!
Definately you will have my vote!

jacss said...

thank you aunty jenny!!
aiyor...don't say like that, i'm no great cook, just 'ngak sik' only!