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Monday, November 24, 2008

BENTO has lost track ......

Just wonder anyone still remember i made bento....... yet i don't seemed to be passing up my homework lately??!!
Life has been real hectic lately with traveling, birthday parties over & over again which got me into much preparation works, cooking & baking affairs....not forgetting catching up with works & back logs in the office!!

So, at one point of time, i told myself not to stress my mind with Bento at least for this moment!!
And so i had followed my heart.....kept cooking minimum for my kids' bento!! Ooh Yes, i still prepared bento for the boys (though simple). I only tried to do away with cooking!!

So what's bento without the need to lit up the stove??

Various shapes of bread with various fillings (peanut butter, strawberries jam & kaya) too!!


Obviously with the red eggs below, it was a bento after the boys' birthday bash!!
Ooh ya....... i didn't lit up the stove for cooking but i did switched on the oven for baking....haha ridiculous heh!! yup those were my simple muffins and also seen were slices of star shaped pears!


Another pumpkin muffins day with a marsh mellow treat!!


Here is another bread day.
The boys had an outing day for concert rehearsal before their recent annual concert, to which the teacher specifically mentioned that the kids were only allowed to bring the bottle....absolutely NO BAGS allowed. So what did i do with the boys' snack when that was the instruction given?? As if the teacher is going to starve my kids, i die-die also want them to bring along some food (despite there were supposingly snacks provided).

I made them some sandwiches & packed into the animal zipper bags as shown below. I would rather risked losing these bags than the lunch box.
And i punched a hole onto the bag to make way for the hang over 'ring' which was then fastened onto their bottle strap!! That was tight & secure, isn't it??
hahaha....i also thought myself CRAZY......if that's what u'd been thinking!!

That way, i'm sure my kids didn't put any extra responsibility on the teachers' shoulder in ensuring that the kids' belongings were intact!!


Next are some VERY BACKDATED bentos prepared way before my kids' recent b'day celebrations !!!

If you could remember, i had wanted to make some prawn tempura to serve my guests during my boys' simple b'day party at home. For that, i had been practising (trial & error here) to cook some decent looking tempuras!! Yet, it was failure for both the 2 times i tried.

When i managed to meet up with Christene & Nancy over a quick lunch the other day when they came to Kinokuniya, KLCC.....i quickly got my way to "DIG" some tips on how they do up with these prawn tempura!! Nancy shared that she used a stick/skewer to keep the prawn straight while for Chris, the success was contributed to her MIL (who got the prawns all prepared before passing them to her.....such lucky soul lar....)
Anyway, at least now i'm more certain what to do the next time .....thanks ladies!!
It was another nice chatting session....yes, chris proved that she was such the chatterbox queen, hehehe!!!

Though i don't achieved the desired shape of the tempura prawn, my ordinary fried prawn still tasted good. I had them in a bento for myself with lots of greenies & carrots and furikake on some rice!

The boys got the same food too for their bento.
2 pieces of sushi rice, kiwi, fried prawns, broccoli & carrot slices!!

That's the end of my recent BENTOs creation !!

I'm announcing a BENTO BREAK for the moment as it is now the school holiday and i have every right to call it off !!

Not only that, i'll be due for another round of traveling sagas......... so my mind will definitely be too congested for both Bento & Blog !!!

coming weekend, will be in Penang for huby's cousin wedding. It is going to be a rushing trip over the weekend as i am running out of leave so there's no way i could extend the trip!!

More so with the long waited & much anticipated japan trip in the week that follows suit!!
And i'd had been reminding myself HARD that year end is approaching real close which simply means a critical time for me as i will be closing another financial year's accounts .....
big task there!!!!

" i feel sorry for not being able to catch up more with a distance uncle & aunty this time in penang, hopefully we can do more in your next trip down to KL the next month.... for yet another relative wedding.....yeah, a year-end that's full of weddings "

:( very guilty of not dropping by for a long time too :(

Therefore i might have to also declare a blog break
(can't be too greedy & achieving so much at one time) !!!

Here i'm wishing all :

Happy school holiday!!
Merry X'mas!!
Happy New Year!!

And i shall be greeting you again ........hopefully real soon !!!


Hijackqueen said...

Hey, how was the experiment using the silicon cup as baking? They didn't melt or even release any funny smell?

Hijackqueen said...

Waitaminute, what do you mean by Merry Christmas and Happy New year? Such long break meh? Cannot be!

slavemom said...

U so funny lah (but full of motherly love). hehehe So scared ur boys starve kah? Insisted that they bring some snacks along for rehearsal. And that's a brilliant way to store n bring the snacks. ;)
Bz bz wks ahead ya. Hv a good trip - to Pg n Japan! *envy envy*

Rjoc said...

What no homework, no blogs, no Bento! What are you going to do with all this spare time now hahaha,
Expect a lot of blogs from Japan, lots of food there to write about.
As I will not have access to a computer while in Penang you blog on the wedding might have to do for mine also!!

LittleLamb said...

Have a good break & holiday.

Annie Q said...

Great idea on how u hang the zipper bag on the water bottle.

hahahhahah, school holiday, we all on bento break!! Same to me, i so lazy to prepare bento nowadays. :P

Ok, last but not least. Hope u have a great & wonderful & memorable trip!!

huisia said...

how i wish i had such a bento persistent mind like you. :-)

Happy Holiday!

LZmommy said...

You are taking such a long break? Happy holidays!

Me too! Taking a break from bento ;)

allthingspurple said...

Hey, u baked with the silicon cup. how was it? did they go all soft? the cakes sure look pretty though!

that is so creative,heehee..hanging your food on the strap !

Anggie's Journal said...

har ..... happy new year ??? so long ar ??? come back soon !!

take k ..and have a nice break.. not too long la ...hihihi

wen said...

ur pumpkin muffin loos good and pumpkin is healthy!

Mummy to QiQi said...

u use the silicon mould to bake? wow...going to miss u la..come back soon!

Wonderful Life said...

Wow... u feed your kids a lot of food huh? some more so nice food!

Anyway, I think you're entitled to have a break. Enjoy ya! :)

Dora said...

Bread in elephant shape looks so cute in the 1st pix. Happy Holiday!

slavemom said...

Here r some awards for u while u're having a break. ;)