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Sunday, November 23, 2008

NZX.....of FOOD and Entertainment

NZX (NiuZeXui) ......arghh, sorry but frankly speaking, i hate this name and reckon that it was very stupid of the founder to name this place such.....i mean...... i don't mind the 'chinese' version of it, be it cantonese or mandarin BUT can't they put up something 'more english' for the official English name of it?? Translate it if need be!! Else, i wouldn't imagine getting the 'non-chinese' to pronounce these words.......made the place 'sounds' so 'ah beng', 'ah lian', 'ah pek' or watever!!

Anyway, the place is now having the
Festive Fun-Tasy Lantern Festival (15/11/2008 - 15/02/2009)
where there are a variety of Disney characters to be seen such as Mickey & friends, Winnie the Pooh, Lion King, Nemo, WALL E, Lightbuzz of Toys Story2 & etc.

I wasn't really very excited about bringing my kids there, knowing that they would've outgrown with these characters!! But it was more for the fun of a family get-together bcoz it was an outing with my siblings & our parents!!
But i gotta mention the ultimate goal of going to this place was to fulfill our dining needs i.e. to try out a recommended steamboat and the lantern show was only a secondary event.

Anyway, we did not made it for the steamboat session ultimately as the place was just too crowded and being the impatient lots, we just couldn't wait for our turn after 15mins in the queue!! The fact that we had about 15pax made it even more difficult to get a suitable place to equip us!!
I hate waiting for food.....
So how??
We separated the group into 2.
The 2 good EATERs of the family, BIL Angus & my huby decided to go for Japanese food & my other sister, Mic family went with my parents for chinese food!

Angus & Mag are regulars to NZX as it is near their home. So they knew this place has good food....and being such a food expert, i just can't doubt his recommendation!!

KANSAI restaurant, we will surely be back for you!! Yes, good food..... unfortunately, there wasn't a very good crowd as compared to others that offered different type of foods like the steamboat & chinese cuisine, what a waste!!! Not sure if it has anything to do with the location, the price or simply luck/ bad feng shui but we trust it wasn't due to the taste of the food!!
We sincerely hope u could sustain the bad time & will shall still see u around in the future!!

The varieties of 'maki' were truly impressive not only with the look but the taste too!! And with interesting names too......like 'Earthquake'.........'Caterpillar'........etc etc

DROOL over them .....

My boys were extremely hungry after waited for quite sometime at the steamboat restaurant so they swallowed their all-time-favourite UNAGI rice like nobody business, pheww blissful !!!

Superbly fresh & moist salmon

I'm not a beef taker but this time, not only did i not reject their beef but i even went for a 2nd & 3rd piece ...haha
Nice terriyaki Squids

As fate would have it, my parents missed this nice jap food.....
now, i believe my mom surely knows which son in law to follow for good food, the next time around, LOL !!
(apparently my other BIL whom my parents were eating with, isn't a food fancier, hehehe)

After filling up the hungry stomachs, we proceeded to see the disney lantern show.
Adults = RM10
Kids = RM5

Actually you can have the show right here.....i'm giving it free, hahaha
For those who had been to any DISNEYLAND before, can forget about wasting your money there....u get what i mean?? as we are one of them of course...

Oh ya, must mention also la.....with 2 adults ticket purchased, u get a print 5R photo of yourself absolutely FREE complete with a very nice Disney cutboard paper frame!!

That was how i spent my hectic weekends, how about yours??
Hope you had a fruitful weekend too!


slavemom said...

Nvr been to NZX. Heard that the plc has many food outlets. The Jap food looks really yummy! And thx for the FREE lantern exhibition. No need to bring the kids there liao. hehehe

Rjoc said...

NZX I could nearly translate it as New Zealand, instead of the translation given! Where about in KL is it?
Obviously your parents do not read your blog else they would soon know who to follow for the better food!!

Annie Q said...

We went there beginning of the month, at that time that Disney things still in progress, so didn't have chance to see it. Where is this Kansai rest? Next time i should try it out. The food look so yummylicious!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, so we don't need to paid RM10 to go in and see. :)

chanelwong said...

The entrance fees is not cheap...quite pricey...

The food looked more worth it to spend on then...

allthingspurple said...

the lantern show very nice leh. thanks for giving us a free show..hee..hee. save us some cash !