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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Macau - Day 2

Well, since sorting & loading of photos take up so much time, i'm gonna let the photos do more talking ......

We were greeted with a bad news in the early morning of Day-2!! Yes, Farn informed that Fah's condition was bad. She had a painful night sleep so she decided not to join us for breakfast but stay back to warm her feet up before we embarked our journey to the Macau city centre!!
3 of us took a bus to the Coloane city again & we just randomly picked a 'char chan theng'/restaurant that served chinese dim sum & toast. There the ladies had their 'necessity' boost for the day (coffee), had some dimsum, ham sandwiches & butter toasts!! Also visited the pharmacy to pick up a bandage for Fah!

Since the Lord Stow's bakery was just opposite the road, we decided to just pack the Portugese tarts & some bread for Fah's breakfast!! I had another piece of the tart again which surprisingly STILL tasted equally delicious on a 2nd day!!

Check-out was done, booked a cab to the Macau city where our next LUXURY 5 star Hotel was located
i.e. SOFITEL Macau at Ponte 16. It was a BRAND NEW hotel having just launched 3 months ago in Aug-08, so u can imagine how excellent was the condition!!
Reason why the hotel was a choice : Fah has purchased a membership with the hotel where she was given 1 night complimentary stay and we only paid for the 2nd night. How nice heh ???

Night view of the hotel building that has a CASINO attached.


*** OUR ROOM ***

We had 2 connecting rooms so it was as good as if 4 of us stayed together in a big room

entrance & coffee & mini bar

To me, the highlight of the place should be the bathroom.
Nice & comfy long bath for indulgence with a big LCD TV right ahead. For 2 consecutive nights, all of us ladies took turn to SOAK ourselves in the bath tub. Haven't you already notice that the hotel provided L'OCCITANE toiletries??? Hard to believe heh ??!!
Can you imagine having your skin tenderise when you immerse into the foamy mixture of the L'occitane shower gel + lotion.........arghh, such luxurious moment it was !!

Nah...Here's a closer look of it, tsk tsk tsk !!! Isn't it good that Sofitel is indirectly giving a hard time on the competitiveness of the industry....haha??

Poor Fah cheh was badly in a situation of seeking solace.....hehehe !!!

Sob sob sob....dun cry!!

Yet in a leaping & skipping condition, Fah still couldn't resist exploring the lavish bathroom!!

There was this see-thru glass between the room & the bath where the blind was remotely control. See how dangerous it can be when someone who was trying to do business got intruded??

After the ladies finally got calm down, we commenced our 1st mission of the day i.e. visit the Senado Square!! It was literally a SHOPPING day.......

It took around 10 minutes walk from our hotel to this place but due to Fah's condition, i think we consumed double the time. So once we arrived the place, this was the first place that caught our eyes!! Yes, an important conquer in our Food List.

We call it "keong chap chong lai" / ginger milk. There were many other flavours too. We also tried the steam egg custard.

Unexpectedly, i was the only one that got melt over it. Yes, i love it but the rest of them will give it a pass the next time..... :( They just couldn't take the strong milky scent of it.
After having this dessert, 3 of us proceeded up to the
Ruin of St. Paul's for some photography session leaving Fah cheh behind. Fah just found a spot to sit back while enjoyed the flip of people back & forth around that busy tourist spot!!

Yeah .... can see such a sunny hot day!!

The journey of walking up to St. Paul's, spent sometime shooting around & then walked back down took easily an hour to two!! We haven't started our shopping mission yet but thought that we shouldn't kept Fah waited for too long. So we decided to reunite back with her for a quick lunch before we continue our shopping journey!!
Not wanting to get Fah into much walking, we just settled with a restaurant nearby that served Portugese cuisine!
Here are what we lunched :

Pineapple fried rice

Pork chop with sausage
Mixed vegetables the Portugese style
Overall, it was good rating with the veggies a bit normal though ...

After the lunch, Fah walked back to the hotel herself knowing that it was near impossible for her to join us with the shopping....poor thing !!!

I'm sure you would be very interested to see the stash of mine, being the usual shopaholic that i am...no?

The shredded pork biscuit was a MUST thing to buy as it was huby's specific order!! But i dare not buy more in fear of the weight to my luggage!!

Arghh....still couldn't resist grabbing masks, some miniatures & sample size skin cares from SASA.

Then, i saw DAISO .............. dang, sei lor !!??
It was my first visit, so far my bento gears were either from nst or e-bay (which were obviously bought over-priced). Since i had been reluctant to pay at least a FREAKING RM5 & above for a piece of silicon cup from local supplier, i took this opportunity to grab more types of silicon cups!! Each pack cost RM6 (yeah.... still a dollar more than Spore, rite?) but guess it was suffice to say that they were still a good buy!!

The Shinkansen range of goodies were so cute to resist. Hanky, tooth brush & paste set for the boys!!

Lunch box bags!

These animal prints paper cups were just so eye-catchy and they are among the lots that i HEART the most !!

Our shopping journey lasted approx'ly 3 hours plus & we reached the hotel around 7 to 8p.m. Gave ourselves a good wash & much needed rest to the feet!! Only me & Farn had the urge to go for dinner so off we slipped on our sandals & headed out. This time, we checked out with the bell boy at the concierge to get recommendation on the nearest good food!! The little handsome gave us a very good guide to a food street situated narrowly at the back lane!!

Apparently, porridge is a 'common' yet popular dish in Macau, not really surprising since it is a place dominated by the Chinese anyway!!

And i'll have to say this pork ball porridge was such a delicious type i've eaten thus far despite the fact that i'm not a porridge person !!!

Once back to the hotel lobby, upon us asking, the same handsome informed that the
DOG race was on-going that night until 11p.m. So we immediately rushed up to the room & kicked up the other 2Fs. In no time, we stormed out to catch a taxi to the
Needless to say, seeing the dog race was a very virgin encounter for all of us as we were made to understand that only in Macau (being a gambling country), such a race exists....no sure how true thou??!!

Never seen such tall doggies before & they REALLY run the speed of the lightning!!
So cute, i even tried putting a bet, haha

What a hillarious yet memorable experience !!

On our way back, Fah spotted another food stall which she had it listed in her food-list.....awww, what a luck!! So, there another supper session !!

According to the newspaper article, the noodle was home-made using the long bamboo stick as shown below.

This is the highlight of the meal.
No doubt the noodle was fine & bouncy. But i'm not really keen with eating the raw shrimp spices on the noodle like that !! A tad dry too...

That night itself, Fah was not really in the mood to sleep early, in fact i had the same feeling too. Not bcoz of her pain but it was the luxurious atmosphere of the hotel room that made us feel too wasteful to just retire like that....haha
So we ended up, having a cuppa coffee by the side of the huge glass window that had the magnificent view of the new LISBAO casino greeting us at the height of the 15th floor.
We simply admire that night's view.
Another marvellous day we achieved.

And with a full stomach, we greeted the 'chau gong' again !!


Ruth said...

Wow...nice trip ya... all about foods and shopping, so shiok ler!

Fah said...

Wah.....Sun cheh....never noe that you actually bought so...many cute stuff....so nice all of them!!!

never expect oso photos are all very clear and cantik... :)

slavemom said...

That's a really luxurious 5-star hotel. L'Occitane toiletries... wow! And the see-thru bathroom is 'special'. But I really wonder wat's the purpose. :)
Another makan, makan n makan day, with lots of shopping (must be so happy with ur bento loots) n new experience (bet on the dog race samo). Syiok to the max! And it's oni the 2nd day. :)

Annie Q said...

so sorry to heard about Fah's leg really in bad condition and didn't join you all for shopping.

Wah! I knew you sure won't miss Daiso in macau to get more bento stuff!! haahhahahhahahha I just got the same paper cups from min too!!

5 star hotel! Wulalalalal!! I like the room very much, it must be really expensive!!

Hijackqueen said...

I didn't know L'occitane is a branded shower gel. HB bring home a lot from his trip and I just threw them away thinking it was some cheapo toiletries. Die!

Jacss said...

aiyo woman, am sure a lot of oth ladies would knock on you la...throwing away like that!! actually i also hv no idea what's d pricing of their products like but can guess surely not cheap at all esp hvg a counter in isetan. i think it has similar price range to evelyn crabtree???

Hijackqueen said...

I only know how to shop in Jusco cos am a member there ma. Isetan how many donkey years never go liao wor.

Anonymous said...

aiya u no tell me u go Macau...Lord Stow is apparently the best lor..there's another one...plus there's this really good Portugese restaurant n chu par pau...ter miss lor...kakkaka

renet13 said...

wow wow you really having agood time...happy for you.
Dnt forget our date on 28Dec 2008 ah.

shoppingmum said...

You certainly cannot miss Daiso if you are a bento fun! LOL! They have Shinkansen there? I have never seen Shinkansen at Daiso, but only from Sanrio.

Irene said...

the 5 star hotel, check out the round chandelier, or is it like a disco ball light or somtin. huge siot! and the food & the pork. walaooooooeh!

wen said...

wah! too many photos and stories liao, cannot keep up liao! lei jau hou ler! love the lala, miss the portugese tarts and ginger milk, wow! macau has changed so much!! tell me more!!!

LittleLamb said...

look at your bento shopping????

And the food......so delicious..
u make me want to go to macau le...thanks for all the info..

Waiting for more more....

Sasha said...

looks lik eu really enjoy yr trip..good food, good visiting places, dogs but yr fren fah very the poor thing.

allthingspurple said...

Huaahh.look at all those food. I would be game to try any food in a different country, leh.

okay, now to hop to your earlier post. I missed that out the other day.

miss whatever said...

Hi! first time here! OMG! I love ur blog and ur bento(s). LOL. Keep updating!

1+2mom said...

So envy you ar..nice trip you had!!

allthingspurple said...

i came back look at more photos. haha. love that steamed egg custard loh

you girls can cover so many grounds leh. Am still pea green. I want a holiday also !!