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Sunday, November 16, 2008

How Time Flies ....... we are Graduating !!

Aiya....graduating nursery only ma, cheh!! How i wish it was their UNI graduation that i just attended. Gotta eat more "tai tao choi" first la....life where got so easy rite??

Anyway, it was a Sat, one day before our party at home, the boys were asked to be sent to the school at 11:30 am for a makeover before we get to meet them again at the concert hall at 2:30pm. The venue this time was the MAS Academy training centre in Kelana Jaya.

That means dady & mumy had at least 2&half hour to 'lepak' around, so what did we do? Of course we had a peaceful brunch session of dim sum at Oriental Jaya33. We had a great browse at the supermarket too. Then i even managed to get a quick hair cut in SS2.

When we finally arrived, the hall was nearly 80% occupied!! So we only managed to get a side seat.
Here is a snapshot of the stage !!

The children gave another amazing yet amusing entertainment to the audiences. The videos of the boys' performance had already been posted earlier here.

After the various performances was the highlight of the event, i.e. the 6 years old graduation.
This year, it was really a big dissapointment to me as the school didn't hire any professional photographer to do the job! Instead only a professional video recording has been done! I don't really understand why but all the principal said was there were lots of problems in the prior years with photography. Most parents failed to observe the rules that forbid them from going up to the stage for photography!! So we were told to do the job ourselves.....arghh....
with our 'lao yah" camera & skills, i don't expect much!!

Then i made another silly mistake of pushing my lou kung up to shoot the photos. As the front area was quite pack (due to all the kiasu'sm attitudes of today's parents), huby didn't managed to get a good spot. Worst thing of all, he didn't expect & wasn't prepared that his beloved son, Sean was the very FIRST student that was being called upon to receive the scroll !! Dang !!
Sei for....camera not focusing properly, the position he was standing also not very strategic..... some more the 'fei lou' had difficulty squatting there to shoot!!!
So he missed shooting a decent one of Sean ..... so sad, and yes i blamed him!!

Anyway, here are the best that he had of SEAN.

Then we waited quite a while before it was Scot's turn. Btw, it was purely a random arrangement & had got nothing absolutely to do with academic results, if that was what it was based on, my boys will surely stand among the few last lot !!!

Obviously, SCOT has better shots.

The GROUP photo.

No doubt, the chosen venue was indeed a good spot to host these bunch of pre-schoolers!! The boys had a crazy time running around the displayed aeroplanes and everywhere they landed themselves, they had the chance to scream to their friends' names with the parents all mumbling: "ooh this is sean & this is scot ahh".....cute

These 2 shots are so valuable as both huby & I had so 'hard' a time in catching them for a few seconds of photography with their proud mom......hehe!!

Having done such great "hair-do" and "make-up" on the kids, how could the adults let go of the opportunity to 'earn' back some income by shooting some so-called professional portrait of the kids.....knowing that 'kiasu' parents of today would die-die also 'pong chan' / buy wan la....
And i won't deny i'm one of them too.....haha

Well, i would say these decent shots are simply priceless knowing that it was near impossible for ME to get my kids to LISTEN & POSE like the below!!!

my little ah beng, SEAN !!

Here's my ' samseng '/' fey chai ', SCOT !!

End of show time ..... back to reality, continue to work hard.....
Have a good Sunday !!


miche said...

time really flies eh...dun worry lar...soon it will be their UNI graduation and u will regret it comes so fast! haha

slavemom said...

Oh, wat a pity ur lou kong din get a good shot of Sean. They din hv a separate photography session taken with their grad suit in sch? I think my girl's kindy has that when they were taking their class photo.
Wah... look at the boys n their killer poses. Really priceless ya. ;)

Rjoc said...

It was a rather big affair for the 'graduation' from pre school. You still have a few more graduations to go through before the big one!!