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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


As usual we had a few rounds of celebration for the boys' birthday....i wonder when i will stop torturing myself with these!!

Yesterday (a week day) was their actual big day so last weekend, on SUNDAY we had a pre-birthday party at home only with my immediate family members but that was already enough to caused me into being a "cooking maniac", as i have 5 sisters all together with only the youngest being single. So together with the hubbies, kiddos, my parents, sister MIL, 2 maids, there were at least 19 mouths to feed!

So bear with all my back-dated posts with the amount of tasks that i had to swallow for the past weekend !! Again the photos will do more talking here....

Tesco has these balloons with the age of the birthday, interesting heh!!

The culture continues ....

... The kiddos ...

Great to see ppl enjoying my masterpiece.........hah hah

B'day boy no.1 Sean with cousin

B'day boy no.2 Scot with cousin

Their activities ..... games

Sam yee with Nic & Wyee

So, what did i offered?


I had contemplated to do tempura prawn like forever but none was successful, thus far.....sigh!

Anyone can advise how to make the prawn stay straight & DO NOT curl after cooked, chris??

*** SOBA ***

*** SUSHI, INARI ***


Apart from the above, I BAKED TOO .....

*** Vanilla sponge cupcakes with FLORA egg whites icing ***

*** Not just baked one type but TWO ***


I also made 'Serimuka' kuih to ensure the stomachs get FULL coz it's glutinous rice ma...haha

I almost can't believe that i made it thru (it was like a milestone achieved...hehe).

You know what, the fact that my BIL commented that "only the effort put in to do these were already suffice to give a big applause & appreciation with the "TASTE" of the food being secondary already"......how touching!!

p/s: and my "loukung" didn't forget to say "san foo sai" mumy (really hard work of me) that night before we retired, hahaha !!

The boys were not behaving well this time, without even realising, they went & opened the presents!!



(notice the little kiddo disturbing & got sean ko-ko annoyed...so cute)


finally got them

There were 2 more MIND games that Godpa & 'sam yi' bought but forgotten to snap pic.

On the actual big day, mumy & dady treated the boys to their favourite piece of cakes from Secret recipe!!

These are what we got them....cheaper version of the PDA, somethg the boys had been eyeing for quite a while (despite not exactly knowing how it works). About RM35 each...good gadget!!

And guess what, since the boys will be bidding farewell to their little classmates of 3 years after graduated this year, we planned for a celebration in the kindy this coming Friday in conjunction with Party Day (last day of school)!!

Stay tune for the BIG Surprise for them!!

till then .... continue to be busy folks!


LittleLamb said...

yes i know. for the prawn, u slice the body..aiyah how to say ar.. the back of the prawn - the opposite side where u take the shi*. u slice at 3 different spots..dont cut until broken..just half way...

if u still blur, call me la....

LittleLamb said...

Opps..Happy Birthdays to the Twins...
Stay Healthy, Be Happy :)

Daddy said...

Wah...You can open restaurant or cafe liow..hehe..tabik tabik..so much delicious food. Must be real stressful and tiring....

chooi peng said...

Happy Birthday ..

shoppingmum said...

You really cooked a feast there!
Happy birthday to your boys!

Blur Angel said...

happy belated 6th birthday!! :) nice japanese feast !

Annie Q said...

Wah!!!!! U cook so much foods!!!
Eh, arrange one small gathering at your house, we all come. ahhahahhahaha, ur food look really good, when can i taste it lei? hahaha

Happy Birthday Sean and Scot!!! Tai kor jai lor.

Can't wait to see what is the BIG surprise.

slavemom said...

Happy 6th Birthday to Sean & Scot! This time from XY. :) After I showed her this post, she said, "My mommy don't make pretty cakes one." Sei mou? :p
Really superwoman lah u. *salute salute* ;) I totally agree with wat ur BIL said.
They look extra smart with that helmet. Btw, wat does that PDA do? Looks cool. If it's fun, don't mind getting 1 for my girl (at least it doesn't cost a bomb).

miche said...

Firstly, Happy Birthday Handsome Boys!!!

Secondly, I am truly amazed by the spread of food you prepared. All by yourself???

Rjoc said...

Alamat!! Forgot it was the 'angels' birthday. Mummy spent a long time slaving over a hot oven...looks very good Jacss. Kept you busy for a few hours then.

khongfamily said...

Happy Birthday to you boys!! What a scrumptious meal...and you are really 'geng'..salute you!! And not forgetting the cakes....looks soooo yummy :).

Irene said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaah! food oh glory food! eh the PDA cute leh, rm35 nia? hur, mana u beli ah? can buy for my lil missy to play wit it le... hehehe!

btw, Happy birthday lengchais! :)

JO-N said...

Happy birthday S&S.

Jacss!!!!! When are you going to invite us over and prepare something like this???? Another round of celebration with some blogger friends??? Then, we can meet and chat and my boys can be your boys' good friends!!!! My boys are born in November too, both of them!!!! but then....they would turn your house upside down!!!

Ok, now to be serious, you have a great talent there and I think I truly agree that your effort means LOVE and everything. I know the handsome boys can feel your love.

Hey, what about cooking for my boys' birthday party? haha, just a thought! Not sure if we wanna have a birthday party or not.

wen said...

happy birthday!! how u managed to cook so much food!? no la, u didnt cook it is it? hahaha!!! good job and effort for preparing not only for 1 but 2 kids' birthday!

wat PDA? what does it has in it? btw, been looking for safety helmet ofr my kids, where u got it from ah?

huisia said...

Happy Belated 6th Birthday to you boys!

You're so geng la, could cook such a lot of yummy foods for everyone!

laundryamah said...

fuiyoh! u r really supper mom la!!! happy belated bday to the twins!!

jacss said...

thanks littlelamb, i shall note that if i ever try again.

open rest....u must be kidding daddy!! yes, it was real tiring...

thanks for d well wishes, c-peng, shop'gmum & min..

aiyo annie: cooking for family mbrs i oredi so stress..if cook for bloggers, sked my blood pressure will burst leh...haha
ya, stay tune for d surprise...wait ahh

thank kiu XY 'leng lui'...haha, mumy time to start learning baking edi..
as for d PDA, u can check it out at ToysRUs...abt 10+ functions (calculator, reminder, alarm, clock, games & etc..) yes, cheap..

miche: unbelievable but yes i can say it's all cooked by ME. huby only helped to cut d seaweed plus all d washing, cutting & chopping was done by the maid lar...

yeah uncB, it was the monkeys' b'day...."angels"...where, where ahh! indeed slaved badly but a pleasurable one of course. few hours can get these done u think?? it took me nearly 2 days, believe it....

thank you mrs.khong...paiseh paiseh, u also can lar

thks irene...but d PDA not for yr 2 years old yet la...wait till she's at least 5 first la...

hey JO, of course i'm glad if we can hv another bloggers gathering but then hor....if i'm to be d host & chef, it'll sure be very stress wan leh...i sked my blood pressure nanti burst la, haha
but if u organise a bday party for yr boy, i'll be delighted to join...haha

eh wen, i cooked wan lar...tak tipu punya!!
anyway, both the PDA & helmet were from ToysRUs...a trip there to find out more is worth!!

thks huisia & amah...boleh lar, wink!!

allthingspurple said...

huahhhhh !!! you cook and you baked !!! i got to admire you for all that. About the prawn, as i told u before, my MIL will as usual with all other frozen food, prepare and box them for me. For the prawn, she cut, de-vein them and freeze them for me in boxes. I only take them out and fry. heehee..sorry ya. will ask MIL and let u know how she did it.

happy belated birthday for the boys. and may they have many many more feast from their mummy in the near birthdays to come so we can feast our eyes upon them too !!! haha!