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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finals of Macau...

Boy....it took me so long to finish this up....such a shame ....
sorry ya, "rancangan tergendala"...that's exactly how ginie termed it, cute ha
but if only you knew how 'maniac' i was the past week end......that's another post right away after this !!

I would say we had covered almost (if not all) of the "must-see", "must-go" and "must-eat" of Macau during our first 2 energetic days !! So by 3rd day (which is also the final), we had progressed very slowly in align with our weakened pace by then!!

Our very first mission in that morning was to experience a typical yet authentic chinese breakfast at a venue probably only favored by the 'kung-kung' / 'poh-poh' / ELDERLY FOLKS!
I wonder if you could recall watching the scene of those elderly folks grasping a CAGE with BIRD flooding those old 'kopitiam' style restaurant / "char lau " for their daily morning dim sum with a pot of chinese 'oolong' tea ???

*** see the uncles with their cage of birds ***

I'm not quite sure if such practice exist here in Msia, but these sights apparently planted in my memories thru the TVB series i watched since my younger age !! So we try searching high & low for one of such restaurant that was famous with the culture once in the twilight years!!
Thank god it wasn't that difficult to locate one, namely
But as days progressed, that culture of bringing along a bird to an eating place was no longer an acceptable thing due to health & hygiene related reasons esp. during the wake of the SARs break-out!! Despite not seeing anymore bird & cage in the 'char lau' itself, we were contended having the opportunity of breakfast'ing in that distinctive atmosphere!!

Here are the food served - none other than the chinese's proud offerings i.e. DIM SUM with a pot chinese tea!! Such peaceful morning that was!!

Btw, this " char lau " was located just in front of a morning market so all the 'aunties' didn't missed checking it out !!

Before leaving the "char lau", we took the opportunity to chat with the "tauke" that was manning the cashier!! Being the good enterpreneur that he was, he invited us to browse over the collection of old photos displayed on the other end of the restaurant. Thereafter, he even recommended us to take a stroll along the outer main street and when we reached the end of that street, we could take a cable car ride up to the hill of a park. Since we were free & easy that day, we headed with the plan.

A fact that was undeniable, walking along that street landed us into more buying & shopping!! Soon after approximately 30-45mins of slow walk, we reached the cable car station. That journey up the hill was shockingly an extreme short one!! As it was rather hot & sunny at that time, we did not check out the park but only ended up "stealing" some cool air in the air-conditioned hall featuring the butterflies!!

... Cable car ride ...

Down the hill we went & this time we caught a cab back to the hotel for a short rest !!
By the time we were back to hotel, it was already time for lunch and as we had burnt off quite an amount of calories with the walks earlier, we were all ready for our planned buffet lunch at our hotel SOFITEL!! We treated Fah to the buffet for the kindness in sharing her complimentary night stay at the luxury hotel with us.


That was another round of superb & fabulous foods we had!!

These 4 'kiasu' women really took their own sweet time indulging & ate until the end of the allocated time for the buffet, a sign that they were really enjoying themselves!!
By then it was nearly 3pm and we wondered back to our hotel & got ourselves ready to explore the fisherman wharf.


The place was actually quite scenic, comfortable & relax. But it looked like a bit under utilised.... due to the fact that the whole place was quite empty & quiet, except at the casino area.
And to add to the dissapointment was some interesting spot was close for maintenance.... sigh!


Dynasty closed for maintenance :(

Even within this area also there is a CASINO.......hai.....

So we were done with this place pretty fast.
As we approached late in the evening, we ran out of idea where to go next so we landed ourselves at the shopping street of the Senado Square.....yes, again!!
By the time we were enough, we went for a 2nd time of pork porridge on our way back to our hotel.

That night was suffered with the task of unpacking & re-packing of the luggage with the loads of additional purchases from the trip!!

Our return flight was a very early one the next day!
Marvelous trip!!
Bet the ladies enjoyed the trip as much as i did!

Adios Macau, till we visit you again ...........


slavemom said...

The hotel's buffet looks good - like fine dining food wor. And those dim sum making me vy hungry leh. Almost tea time now. :p
Wah... every1's luggage oso got 1 extra big bag on top. Got charged excess baggage or not?

Rjoc said...

Can I ask how much over weight you were....the luggage that is (haha)
The main thing is to have a good time which you seemed to. We will check your items in a month snd s hslf s time !!!!