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Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Breakaway !!

Yes today i'm full of excitement & i bet tomorrow i'll be even more excited !! Why why why??? We are going for a BREAKAWAY !!!
Tomorrow we will be heading to Terengganu for one nite stay & by 9am the following day, we'll have to gather at the Marang jetty to board the ferry to Lang Tengah Island for 2 nites stay. The trip was organised by huby's buddy who reside in Penang. There are going to be a group of more 15 persons in the trip. Some departing from Penang & some from KL. We will be going together with huby's fren/biz partner/buddy, Mr. Chan WK family. Am sure it will be a trip to treasure............
I've never imagine myself landing on "that" state of our country(coz never been to any island at that east coast) & i'm even more curious what my eyes & ears would capture & hear from the place & people there!! To me it is an i*lamic state so am a bit sceptical with my expectations. I know i shouldn't be so racist so i hope stepping my foot there for the first time would be a good eye opener rather than me having to doubt & guess..........
After work today, we'll have to grab some buns, paos & probably fish balls as our meal in the car on our journey up the Peninsular. We planned to start our journey around 7 in d morning & would make a stop over once we reach Kuantan........for a brunch maybe! Then, i believe it would take another 3-4 hours to reach Terengganu. I just can't anticipate that 7 hours drive with my 2 notties.....guess will have to scratch the brain a bit to come out with some activities to occupy them!
I had done snorkeling ONCE in Tioman island back in 7-8 years ago. I could recall that i had a very good impression on the experience & therefore i'm very much looking forward to do it again this time................with my kids of course...............again where i have to put a thought over the outcome too!!
Then on Monday, we will depart from the island but we will not drive all the way back to KL coz we didn't want to strain the driver's back. So we rather sacrifice another day leave & stop a nite at Kuantan for some recuperation!!

Happy Vacation !!


Tracy said...

I've heard of Lang Tengah but have yet to be there. It's a very nice place, dat was what my frens who had been there told me and esp if u like snorkelling, definitely the place for u to go.


1+2mom said...

Enjoy your holiday. We been to Redang Island for 3 times, still will go there again. It a very nice place, i'm sure Lang Tengah also a nice place too.

Annie Q said...

yea, i been to Pulau Redang just b'4 i get pregnant...hahahahaha...very nice place, and that is my first snorkelling too!
Hope u have a good trip and post more more picture when u're back!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Jacss, of course i remember u !!! hey how have u been doing?? Guess can read all that from your blog. I have link u to my feed and my blog :)