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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Report Cards Time !!!

Calling... calling... all the parents...........time to collect report cards!!
So there mumy & dady fully obliged. As it's no more first time, things tend to get a little at ease for both the parents as well as d teacher.

We didn't really pay much attention to all the housework materials but the highlight was rather at the "so called" test papers. The whole stack of the test papers consist of 4 subjects i.e. English, Bahasa, Maths & Chinese.

As much as i had wanted my boys' performance to be closely on par to each other, i had to face the reality that they are both different human being......unique & special in their very own way!!
What i'm really afraid was pressure tend to arise among twin siblings in every aspect of their lives as it's quite impossible to run away from comparison by OTHERS (i'm making sure that it won't be us.....d parents). And i can't relay how much i hated that.......!!! So, no matter how good or poor they perform in whatever fields, they are still "precious" in their own way beneath d heart of dady & mumy !!!

And there we were greeted with 2 relatively different sets of test results!!

Here are the summary of the analysis of my boys' results (hoping this would give me a better reference in dividing my limited attention/resources more productively):









Both Sean & Scot did not display "the likes" of going to school...............
It really depends very much on their swing of moods; if it happens to be good, they will reluctantly peck my cheek & walk like 2 "samseng" into the school.

BUT when d mood was rotten & mind me, it still happens on & off now.......they will cling & grab mumy's elephant thigh so hard refusing to get into the school. Then, mumy will have to resort to sweet talks...if not working, then firm & persistent scold.....if still dun work, sometimes bribes or worst was by force dragging!! As parents, these encounterings would leave us feeling very dissapointed as we left for work!!

So having these kind of attitudes with school-going, i could hardly wish that they will outshines. All we hope were that they enjoyed during their school hours & behave relatively well. An average performance (but not too bad) is already a calming sigh of relief for mumy & dady...... what more to expect???????


Anonymous said...
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Sasha said...

i think let them enjoy first la...but they did fairly well for kids that dun like to go to sch ... haha

Mummy to QiQi said...

chinese is very difficult and yet got the highest marks....terror man!

Tracy said...

Ei? ..... ur boys are in En-Einstein too? Noticed both ur boys and my girl sat for the test on the same day too. How come now only receive report card leh?

As for the not liking of going to school, did u sit and talk to ur boys why they don't like going to school. My girl experienced this during the few days of school and I asked her why she did not like to go to school. She told me there was a big-sized Bengali teacher who talks very loudly and scolds her classmates who were 'naughty'.

I met her class teacher and told her about Des's problem and I was satisfied with her explaination and related and tried to explain to Des at the teacher was not scolding her and she's a nice teacher. Luckily she listened and was okay since then.

As what Sasha commented, ur boys did well lor.

1+2mom said...

aik..my son also in en-einstein too but dunno why this school no exam for them at mid-year??At first Tracy post about Des. progress i though the school teacher gave but now both of your son also taking the same paper, so on monday i will go ask the principle about it.

Jacss said...

all: maybe i'd sounded bit serious with my tone of sentences BUT i'm actually a veli veli lazy mom so am not pushing them at ALL ehh, so dun worry!! and both of them are definitely enjoying their life to fullest (^_^) !!!

qiqi mumy: i think they terra in tembak aje..........

tracy: usually my boys got a bit step back with going to school after the weekend....BLUE MONDAY!!

so i think it was purely bcoz they enjoyed too much in d weekend hence misses that.........!! and i trust neither teacher nor friend is the problem.

anyway, thanx for yr advice, i will try to talk to them more...boys usually don't really have good ears as a girl!!

sylvia: yalor, how come ss2 br got no such exam....can check lar but no worry...
no exam no pressure = GOOD!!