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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ouch....Of guilt and hurt !!!

When i was at work, one of my most fear was not to receive a call from the CFO/CEO but 'a call' either from my kids' principal/teacher or from my mom (who happened to be d babysitter now)!! Usually, those calls would bring unpleasant news!

During those episode at a daycare centre 2 years ago, calls informing that my kids had fever were just uncountable......it was like a monthly affair except that we only have to guess which day of d month it falls on??? Both huby & I were in our greatest nightmare during those episode when their immune systems were at the lowest point hence, the slightest infection would lead to fever!! And what's so big deal about kids having fever u may think?? But how about fever that followed by a series of 'fit' ???
One would have to see with their very own eyes to feel it..........
Today, thankfully with God's blessing & keeping my fingers crossed at all times, their immune systems had grew much stronger (after injecting much $$$$).....and so far looks like they have gotten rid of d "disorder".....touch wood, touch wood !!

And now that my boys are under the supervision & care of their Poh2 n kakak at home, every night after work i would be greeted with Poh2 various color of faces (smiling, grinning, angry, upset, etc). Poh2 would either nag nag nag & nag about how rediculous the boys behaved or would complaint & complaint how terrible the two had fought, how she couldn't stand them anymore, how monkey was Scot yesterday, how cow was Sean that afternoon.......it can go on & on !!
These i could still bear.....i just have to clean my ears for d input, nodded my head in agreement as i could well understand d torture of having to manage my 2 monkeys!!

But last Friday nite, guess what..........i hope it's not just the beginning of the worst!!
There was blood in the injury this time..................

Out of anger (no one knows over what), Scot used his pen/pencil to scratch his brother's hand which resulted in that long cut (of at least 2 cm)!! My careless & d*mb maid (despite against my advice) left the 2 of them at the upper floor hall all by themselves supposingly doing their homework & watched TV coz she went down to wash up the chores!
Upon hearing Lil Sean screamed at the peak of his lung.......Poh2 said her heart nearly dropped & immd'ly rushed up only to find the injury........

Coincidently, Poh2 had already "blacklisted" Scot.........(as being the more naughty one), so knowing that it was Scot again that hurt his koko, Poh2 was too mad & thought this lil fella needs to be seriously punished & reprimanded. Being fully equipped with her conservative (yet supposingly "effective") style of teaching, Poh2 grabed the cane & really whacked the poor boy's hand !!

Can see the cane mark or not ????

Both the above are painful sights!! BUT what can I say??
I willingly put them at the care of my mom & I was not possible to be there to manage the whole scenario so do you think i have the right to "SAY" ??? Answer is definitely NO.......
Ever try saying "spare the rod" to my mom, she will surely tell all the grandmother stories.......
Even myself also couldn't spare that weapon !!! All my mom said was this lil guy needs to be taught & caning that part of the body would do NO harm woh...... !!!
I felt pain & sorry for the injury that Sean had to endure but I also felt guilty for not able to teach Scot better & there he had to be punished this way..........double OUCH !!

Well, guess this is just part & parcel of parenthood ranting...........!!

"May God bless that you two behave well"


Annie Q said...

Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!! Both also feel pain!Hmmmm..i understand how u feel."Old people" do have their own "old" thought right? I dont angry cane them so much, like what some ppl said, when u cane them too much, than their skin will become thick and they wont scare anymore!Me also going the same phase now, sometime i will just hold the cane to threaten them, and i did cane them too, but not so "hard"! But sometime when i lose my cool i will beat them use my hand, and i can see the finger print, i feel so bad after that! I try not too, but they always make me soooooo mad till i cant control myself!

Jacss said...

yeah annie, lets just hope u are not going to sit in d same boat as me :p .......maybe sit in sampan only i.e. not so notty as mine!!

1+2mom said...

wow so deep scratch, must be very pain. Kids must learn a lesson, last time i also cane my son but after that saw the mark i feel bad.
Now i'm using my hand, so i can control my anger cause when i beat with my hand i can feel the pain as my son but if using cane i dunno how hard i beat and how pain he is.