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Friday, July 27, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award !!

WELL, WELL, WELL..............what a surprise to be awarded this, huh???

I don't really have the resources to dig the history behind the creation or the birth of this award. So it's just fair if i say i don't really give much thought if i'm worth to even receive this award except all i know it was purely at the "courtesy" & "thoughtfulness" of a very supportive blogger mumy to another set of twin boys!! I truely agreed that u deserve this award too for d super power u have in managing your boys mostly all by yourselves as i could hardly done the same myself!
So Annie: Seh Seh Ni Ahh/Kam Sia/Toh Cheh Lei/Terima Kasih ya !! Thanks for your thought & generousity !!!
Pai Seh Pai Seh lar........me only 4 months old, way behind to qualify........!!! Some more rocking girl wor......rocking aunty maybe closer lar.............but again "rock" ahh, hear d word only, the head already spinning..........!!!!

Nevertheless, i still reckon that these small token (or badge) counts in keeping up the blogging motivation. I had initially started my blog as a pure mean to store our life memories without even thinking that anyone would read it........what more to think of exploring further to develop blogger networking, doing link & got linked back in return, kepoh'ing at other people's blog, commenting & etc etc. But in less than half a year, i can't believe my number of posts had reach beyond 60 and i'd even managed to make a couple of very "good" friends. Now, i've even started to imagine myself picking up "paid post/ppp" (if i ever lose my job one day).........oh gosh, hopefully i won't be infected with the blogivities virus one day!!

Overall, so far my blogging life has progresses very positively eg. huby had started to show support, all my sisters also "pung cheong"(read some of my post) knowing that they are part of my blog & d fact that none of them could afford to blog & i even have an uncl that commented i had an interesting life (after reading my blog which mainly blab about my life) !!!

So people.....lets face it, we all need support, sharing, care & encouragement to live a happy blogging LIFE !!

This morning, i was so touch by the story of a mom who gave up her permanent job & sacrificed so much in her effort to become a 'stay at home mom' so that she could bring up her lil precious without missing any part of her child's milestone development !! So here, with an honour, u deserve to be given this award chinnee.........doesn't matter if u r as blur as me what's the award for coz i'm passing it to u bcoz i find that u really have a "BIG HEART" as a mom !!

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Mummy to QiQi said...

Jacss, i dono wat to say, but thank you so much to you. I know those words are something very sincerely from your heart..