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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mille Crepe from KL.........must try!

She introduced this Mille Crepe cake in her blog & I have fallen in luv with it since..............
But apparently the originally introduced one was from Melaka & these bunch of bloggers actually made order of the cake all the way from Melaka & one good fren of them on his coincident trip to KL delivered the cakes to KL!

I missed that order session but luckily she found the 'reportedly same cake' in KL. And so that piece of info has been loittering around my mind for weeks...........until last week end where i managed to convince my huby to drive all d way from pch to sect 17 just to fulfill my long thirst to bite a taste of it!!

Infact, the cafe cum restaurant was indeed a very neighbourhood restaurant as it was actually hidden & located behind some quiet residential homes yet it was crowded with people!! Surprisingly, it offers catering too!
See how nice was the packaging!

Finally, i've got my tongue a taste of the Mille crepe!! Emmm.......it just satisfied & fulfilled my expectation!
Just see how fine was every single layer of the cake......just simply amazing of the artwork, handwork, hardwork & not forgetting the sumptuous texture with each slow munch of it!!!
If it makes you curious to try too.......just head on !!! Btw, each slice was RM9/=

And definitely this is NOT a sponsored post!


Annie Q said...

Wow...it's look yummy and RM9 per piece??!! tsk tsk tsk!
Which part of section 17?

Jacss said...

annie, the full add of the place is:
Food Foundry ... Your Neighbourhood Food Provider
BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya.
Mon-Sun: 11:30am-10:00pm
....+603-7955 3885

1+2mom said...

wah!You really go try.How is other food? Izzit also delicious??

Jacss said...

Sylvia, yeah after saw d cake photos from yr blog, i can't resist to get there & finally tried out.

We like d cakes pretty much & will be back for more.....but we didn't try other food, only pack d cakes!!
Go try la.........