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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Boring Holiday.......Part 2

Knowing that it was going to be a boring day, decided to do some 'masak-masak'/cooking. But not that i can be like her, it was just some light meals sufficient to fill the stomach!! Nothing to showcase. Just that we were lazy to go out hunting food plus trying to enjoy relaxing at our cozy home, so just prepared some "mashed potatoes+sweet potatoes+pumpkin" as snack for the kid anytime of the afternoon.

Just a little trick by filling up the "mashed" in little cup already made the little ones eat happily, appetite booster indeed !!

Then, main meal was only d simple, boring, easy yet sumptuous fried mee hoon !!

Next here, you see the boys boring or not............until nothing else to play!
CHALKS time........but on our wooden door! I don't mind as long as it could be easily cleanse & the boys were occupied productively !!

During their afternoon nap time, the boys even imitated mumy's role by helping each other to put on their nappy..........eeeee, shame shame lar......yeah, still not yet wean, what to do lazy lor !!
You say boring or not?


papajoneh said...

Not so boringlah. Normal right. But wait.. normal is usually boringlah right. Hahaha.
The kids really creative. I would never let my son write on any wall. Coz im the one end up cleaning it.

I wonder if my wife got boring, so i end up got busy lah kan...aduhhh

1+2mom said...

Ya hor use chalk, my gals like to draw on the wall but i scare next time they also use pen or crayon to write on the wall @.@

Dun worry, my son still on diaper (at nite only). I dun understand why he day time can wake up go toilet but nite time he cant.

Jacss said...

ppj: d kakak will clean ma so i dun mind lor, hehehe!!
u r right, life is boring when everythg seems 'normal', but isn't that what we had hope for (i.e. no disaster at least)?

sylvia: at least yr boy can wake up shh shh during day time, mine once knock-off (day/nite) they can't wake up for that & so are mumy & dady, that's why lar !!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

isnt it fun just to spend some "boring time" at home with the family? I like your idea of letting the kids scribble on the door with their chalks, hehe

Jacss said...

yeah cnee it can be fun once in a while.......

Zara's Mama said...

You have comments moderator on?

Zara's Mama said...

I wanted to say, sometimes best holidays are just lazing at home doing nothing..

Mummy to QiQi said...

Jacss, did u find out what happens on your birthday?

chanelwong said...

food is simply but nice...Where got boring...kids never get bored one...

Jacss said...

agnes: thks for dropping by!
nope, no moderator ON (what's that?)
yeah, to be able to lazy ard at home is already a luxury!

chanel: thks for dropping by too!
maybe it's true, only me boring... hehehe!!