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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

HANOI Souvenirs by my "Si Lai lou kung"..............

Huby just came back from his Hanoi vacation. As usual i would have expected him to return with some interesting discoveries!! And being a "good eater", food is normally on the top of his list of things to explore. Apparently, he was quite dissapointed with his eating encounterings over there. Reason was simply because Vietnamese Food in our country has been "LOCALISED" so much to the extend of pleasing our taste bud so much!! In particular he loves Vietnamese beef noodles a lot especially those we tried in Australia! So tapping on these experience, he had high expectations on the "original" vietnamese food he would be able to try in the country itself. Unfortunately, he was so badly let down. According to him, the food there was totally different in taste from what we could eat here. And there wasn't much specialities that was impressive!

One unique scene he noticed was people there are keen with low table & chair for dining... like the below, similar to the Japanese style!!

Having said that, he still managed to grab some stuffs that bear signature association to Vietnam such as:

1) Rice spring roll skin

2) Lotus seed paste biscuit


This silly man of mine even went to the extend of buying the special cup that filter the coffee powder and drip the coffee dot by dot.........so damn slow...........the Vietnamese style !!! Tonite we brewed our first cup & i must said it tasted .........."SO COFFEE", strong essence with mild bitterness (thou i'm not a real coffee drinker), so much better than those that cost RM10 bucks a cup......u know which i mean, don't u?? Hopefully this "TRY" will not land me as an addict.......!!!

Ah ha.......floating market ehh?? Our kids would love to follow us doing marketing if we have this around..............


Annie Q said...

Oh..vietnam coffee..hmmmm...smell so nice! hahahahaha
Now i want to make my coffee liao!

Tracy said...

Wah, ur hubby even bought the special cup to brew the coffee? Coffee powder's not instant type ah?

They have floating markets in Vietnam too? I thought only in Thailand but I guess this type of markets are gradually going to be 'extinct'.

Sasha said...

yah yah that cup very popular wan...but i never buy last time wor. chey

Jacss said...

annie: i also dun believe it until i smell it with my own nose......so damn good smell!

tracy: yalor, my huby...food punya pasal, he will do it!!
nope, not instant coffee powder, got to brew a little & add milk....we even added ice cube...yummy!!

sasha: if for me, i might buy the coffee but surely not the cup lor....only those typical people will do so !!!

Jacss said...

oh ya tracy, i also never thot there's floating market but now i guess it must have been popular around those countries above ours!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

I miss the floating market when i visited thailand last time :( Hey Jacss, i got this special coffee maker too, from a friend when she visited Vietnam last time :)

PapaJoneh said...

i want the cup ... but i want the coffee too. :)

Never been to Thailand and Vietnam but i really like to experience the floating market foods. Looks delicious. hopefully LOL.

slavemom said...

Oh ya... I forgot abt the coffee powder that he bot. hehehe And the special cup filter comes free. :)