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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Royal London of Circus

Back dated post.

The twins had their first taste of a circus show during the recent boring Merdeka break. As for me, i think it must have been more than 10 years ago since my last attendance to a circus show. I remember during my first few toddler years (in Menglembu Ipoh), having a chance to watch circus show was such a luxury as back then, entertainment in such a rural area was very limited.

Actually The Royal London of Circus had been performing in M'sia quite a number of times but time wasn't right for us yet then. And I had a very high expectation initially though in the end was a bit dissapointed with the 'standard' of performance...........and we later reckon that it was a right choice not insisting on getting the expensive ticket. Furthermore, the price on Sunday nite was also lower!
Finally we paid RM25 for each pax instead of our initial plan of getting RM55 ticket, phew !!!
Anyhow, for the boys, the show was definitely still an awesome!!

Can't believe there was only ONE(1) single elephant, a poney, a little monkey & a dog in the entire show......... though there were also some chickens & birds that entertained the kids !

Nevertheless, few of the acrobatic actions like the below were worth some compliments!

And especially the below motorbike show, I must admit that it was a dangerous performance. With only a second of trivial mistake, a serious accident could happen! So this was worth mentioning!

Now, at least the boys had a circus encountering to be penned down in their journey!


chanelwong said...

the kids should be very very happy..it has been many many years since the last time I see circus when I was young...

Annie Q said...

I think myself only been to circus once only!And dont know is how how many years ago lo..

papajoneh said...

your boys so cute cute cute lah. i can't wait for my twins to grow up so i can bring them around. I dont know which one is you, but the boys look a lot like the lady in black.

Jacss said...

chanel & annie: yeah circus has since gone not so popular nowadays.....

ppj: later when u have to run 3 directions to chase your 3 boys, u might start to complain then, hehehe!!

there were 2 "lady" in black, the sleeveless & specky one is my single youngest sister & the final one in black shirt with sleeve + shoulder length hair was "me"!!

hopefully u made a right guess else my sis would cry reading this, hahaha !!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

nothing to say about the circus, but i just wanna tell u i really can't tahan looking at your 2 leng chai. So cute when they put their arms around each other. So envy that u have a pair of beautiful twin!!!! I wonder do they fight btw??

Jacss said...

chinnee: u must be kidding to ask if d twins do fight?
u shd ask: how terrible was their fight usually?
aduh, if they can just stay harmony for more than 15 mins (without fighting), i would be very very relief !!!!

yenlin said...

bought tickets for this Saturday but the show was cancelled... T_T

Jacss said...

ooh, sorry to hear that YLin!
Any reason given for the cancellation? too few purchase perhaps?
But I'm sure the show will be replaced......or refund at least?

1+2mom said...

I didnt been to any circus b4, mu hubby said not worth to see wor. His friend told him not the show that you expect.