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Monday, September 24, 2007

Our very own creation of Hair styles!!

Out of sudden, Scot came to mumy holding his comb and said:
mumy, i kenot comb my hair nice nice woh !!!

Actually this lil fella is trying to make his way (or finding excuse) to play with water on his hair!! Initially, i did not realised his intention of wanting to wet his hair with water. I only told him his hair was already neat, why did he wanted to comb his hair nicer? Mumy don't get him, so he just proceeded with his plan. Little brother-Scot lead his koko-Sean upstair to the room & executed their "plan".............

Minutes later, Scot ran to me with his sweetest smile & of course his newly designed hairstyle. I almost choke & burst myself into a good laugh seeing his super "AH BENG" hairstyle. Then behind came his koko Sean also with his creation of hairstyle. See....Scot preferred to comb it flat to the right and Sean preferred to the left.....hehehe !!

Haiii, don't know to laugh or not with their cunning characteristics ???!!!

Sean (left) and Scot (d culprit)


Mummy to QiQi said...

hehe....so cute your two little ah beng :) Sometimes QQ too curi her uncle-pa's hair cream and comn like that (another little ah lian)!

Mummy to QiQi said...

jacss, dont worry about not seeing your comment on my site. Sometimes it went into the Akismet spam. I'll check them daily. I've recover them from u :)

Annie Q said...

eh..ur handsome where got like ah beng! So leng chai la..