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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Saturday without dady...........

Unusual Saturday coz dady was not around, dady was in Hanoi holidaying !!! Maggie yiyi came over our home on Friday night to touch up some work on her wedding slides & slept over too. So since we all so free, we just tagged along Mag's schedule. Went over to the tailor to get some table clothings done, breakfast & had a brief re-charged at Mag's condo later. Soon, we headed out for another appointment, that's selecting Mag's bridal & evening gown for her upcoming wedding in Nov-07. I knew ahead that with the boys along, it would be another havoc but Mag can't find anyone to give a 2nd opinion and so the rest needless to mention...............
Before the customer service staff was ready to serve us, we proceeded to browse the selections. And mumy began her photography actions despite the prohibition sign below........hehehehe !!!

See before the actual trying of the gowns, the boys already in their stunts................arghhh !!!

It was yet another occasion with mumy unwillingly "yelling" & "shouting" so much to bring the boys in control, chase & chase.......until drop dead tiring !! So after done, Mag yiyi treated us to Swensen & the twins had their KING sized nuggets, spaghetti and not forgetting their core products ice-creams !!

Reached home almost 4pm.......quickly forced the boys to rest for the lantern fiesta that night!!


PapaJoneh said...

Saturday without Daddy can be this fun too. As always, kids don't know that.
That's the cutest ice cream i ever seen in my life... or is it upside down ??? Hahahha.

Mummy to QiQi said...

the boys can give their yi-yi comments too?? although tired, it looks like a fun day with nice Swenson treat :p

Jacss said...

ppj: yeah, maybe i've sounded our day to be too fun...but infact very exhausting lol!!
that ice was suppose to resemble a mr.clown lar i guess, kids love it!!

cnee: of course no...they gave more trouble & hassles but no choice i've to tag them along coz i feel bad leaving them home with the maid on weekend !!

Jacss said...
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Annie Q said...

Eeerr, where is my comment?
I wrote y this scene look so familiar ger? Because my boys like to do this also!!!! hahahaha..boys will be boys!
Talking about swensen, so long i nv had swensen, it's like 5 or 6 years ago liao? Now u make me feel like want to have swensen!