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Friday, September 14, 2007

Bosses Farewell

Today was the last day of work for my 2 bosses in our HQ.

Both the guys as well as myself had been working in d same company since its inception & it is reaching its' 7th years now!! Though I only started to work more closely with them about 3 years back, that was suffice for me to develop a nice feeling towards them.

These 2 guys are just too nice to be called 'a boss'........despite able to upkeep their professionalism & efficiency, they were never selfish, arrogant or bossy, in fact always maintain a 'friendship style'.

Respect & trust are among the 2 traits practised during the entire tenure of work. I just have too many unforgettable pleasures working with them despite the distance gap, ooh...did i just mention that my HQ is actually located in Hong Kong?

So Isn't it wonderful to be able to leave such a memorable treasures in someone after a departure? This has always been my principle at work, to work happily among colleagues irrespective of whether they are bosses, peers or subordinates! After all, we spent at least 8 hours at work so to be optimistic & maintain a healthy working relationship was imperative to survive that long working hours!!

Apparently i heard, it wasn't their choice to leave but "again" the management's so-called 'decision'. For that, I really hate RE*CH for the never ending changes.... be it biz strategy, organization structure, staffing or etc etc. Throughout the years, i've seen so many many rounds of changes with strategy, ownership, biz direction, SMT members, VSS, downsizing...........it used to be scary, cruel, sad, emotional, frustration, uncertainty but to a certain extend, it created immunization in me..............well, today i dun care anymore, i'm only working/slaving (a term learnt from zewt) like it or not, so long as i did my part perfectly well, i'm already doing justice to both d co. & myself! Be happy, remember? So I'd learnt to just LIVE LIFE ON.................
thanks for listening but sorry for ranting unnecessarily!!

Lets put behind the sad part & restore the happy moments we spent together last year in HK.

Since these 2 guys are 'so nice'.........."WE" all, their staffs around the globe decided that they deserved at least a beautiful card from all of us. So suggestions & ideas were flying around via e-mail on who & what to do.......... In the end, I have the biggest heart, I offered to do it so it is just fair that i keep the memories here in rememberance of my 2 nice bosses!!

This was for my Group FC!

In return, this was the gratitude message sent across to us...................
-----Original Message-----
Subject: Big Thanks to your Farewell Card
A big Thanks to your farewell card and it is a really good farewell gift to me. I enjoy very much working with all of you and you have done great jobs and give me a big hand in overseeing the finance function of your PoP. Whenever you want to consult me on anything in the future, please send me email and I am more than happy to share my view with you even I have left Reach. I definitely will miss all of you and I am sure we will keep in touch.

Then as a courtesy, I sent across a 'welcome' note:

U welcome VN!! It’s very kind of you with the offerings, thank you too!

Best of luck to you & family!

Warmest regards, Jaclyn

Then I was so thrilled & proud to receive further thanks from him:
And a special big thanks to you as I know the card is prepared by you and all are your hand writing.

Next featured here was another farewell card to our 2nd finance man!

And his message was even more warm:
-----Original Message-----Subject: Thank You
Hi all,
Thank you very much for the card. Pls let me know who suggested this brilliant idea.
It is extremely unexpected. When I opened it, I immediately felt a warm stream running in my body. I feel happy, happy and happy for all your supports. I will never forget this moment and the happy moment we had before.
Pls do give me a ring when you come to HK for business or personal trip. I owe you all a meal.
Thanks again.

From the top, middle & bottom of MY HEART, I sincerely wish them Good Luck, Good Health, All The Best & May God Bless them now & always!!


yenlin said...

OMG... cant believe i 'misunderstood' again... coz all the while i thought you're a stay-at-home-mother (like me) T_T

zewt said...

you're actually working?

Jacss said...

yes guys, i'm working FULL TIME!
SAHM??....no no no.....not a thing i would/could consider doing right now!!
still need to slave........